Little Venice, big heart.

A Fairytale City

Kotor is fairytale beautiful. A UNESCO-protected medieval port ringed by islands, highlands and outdoor adventure. The city’s symbol is a rampant lion. That’s because Venice ruled Kotor for five centuries, imparting a honey-stone legacy of piazze, passeggiate and pavement cafés that survives to this day.

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Your Guide to Kotor

Majestic Sweeping Bay. Sparkling Waters. Dramatic Cliffs.

Korcula has bucketloads of the rarest Croatian commodity. Sand. The Lumbarda Peninsula is trimmed by beach, trees and dive-right-in-seas. Sandy strips like Pavja Luka are solely accessible by RIB or hiking trail. All too public? Try Proizd, a lonely islet off Korčula’s northwest coastline. It’s a geological wonder of white stone beaches and Thai-style bays.

Unique Atmosphere

Kotor specialises in understated elegance. Venetian churches hide paintings by Bellini and Veronese. Street markets sell wild strawberries and lavender honey. Portside bars make their own rakia firewater with quince and plums. Yet across the street, in a timeless harbour, sits a billion dollar superyacht display. It’s so very Antibes.

Nature. Culture.

Kotor is protected by 5km of city walls. Imagine fortifications longer, gnarlier and less trodden than Dubrovnik. A range of red-blooded activities can be viewed from the top. Tandem paragliding. Daredevil rock climbing. Chopper rides to the ancient Montenegrin capital of Cetinje. Or bike tours of Lovćen National Park: the home of black bears, golden eagles and a 28-curve corkscrew road that plummets from 1,000m to sea level in minutes. 

The best bit? The Bay of Kotor. This fjord-like fantasy of crashing cliffs dwarfs the largest yachts on the planet. It’s dotted with atmospheric adventures like the Blue Cave, a snorkel-swim-dive spectacular dazzled by azure light. Disused submarine tunnels highlight modern history. Cliff dive the entrance then kayak inside - it’s a daredevil expedition only possible here.