Dubrovnik in miniature.

A Labyrinthine mini-Dubrovnik

This mini-Dubrovnik is Dalmatia at its best. Think labyrinthine stone streets. A UNESCO-listed cathedral. And eateries specialist in pašticada, an overnight roasted beef stew.

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Your Own Croatian Bliss

There’s more. The Kornati Islands are Croatia’s crown jewels. 140 emeralds scattered on indigo velvet. Nature’s gift to charter guests has no cars, no people and no trace of the 21st century. Kayak ashore to stroll alongside 69 species of butterfly. Or snorkel with coral, sponges and giant tuna in nine designated National Park scuba sites. George Bernard Shaw wrote: "On the last day of the Creation, God created the Kornati Islands out of tears, stars and breath". Well said George.

Romantic Medieval Charm

Yet Sibenik has more than a romantic medieval heart. The city overlooks 220 jade green islands across a navy blue bay. Car-free Kaprije is carpeted with grape vines and olive trees. Krapanj is famed for fiery rakia brandy. Zlarin is renowned for shellfish baked in fig leaves. Fire up your drone to snap Baljenac. This egg-shaped island is criss-crossed by dry stone walls, making it look like a giant’s thumbprint. And like almost every Croatian island, it’s only accessible by private boat.

Bay Of Islands

The finest of Croatia’s 1,200 islands? That would be Dugi Otok. A mere 1,500 lucky locals share the Adriatic’s seventh-largest isle. It pairs the allure and skinny frame of a supermodel. On one shore, chalky white cliffs descend into octopus-haunted depths. On the other, enchanted forests crumble into unnamed islets, which make ideal fixed buoys for Laser races, kayak competitions and inter-island swims.