Marina di Stabia

The Amalfi Coast That Tourism Forgot

The Amalfi Coast That Tourism Forgot

Marina di Stabia is the Amalfi Coast - of the 1970s. Forget tourists and travel apps. This superyacht port is an SUV ride away from Roman ruins and seafood markets that the 21st century left behind. Don’t believe us? Then ride the funicular cable car from Stabia up Mount Faito with your Y.CO Specialist Guide. The mountainside is 100% unadulterated nature and wilderness hikes. The view? Your Amalfi Coast yacht charter itinerary glitters below: Capri, Naples, Sorrento, Vesuvius, Pompeii.

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Your Guide to Marina di Stabia

Ruins & Relax

Step further back in time. The ancient ruin of Stabiae is like Pompeii - without the crowds. Two millennia ago its luxury lifestyle and licentious bathhouses rivalled the more famous historical site nearby. Stabiae’s highlight is Villa San Marco. It trumps any modern villa on Capri: private thermal swimming pool, panoramic gardens, marble walls decorated with nymphs. Too hot to handle? Your Y.CO driver will depart for the beach, a five-minute ride away.

Sublime Seafood

Marina di Stabia’s fortunes were built on seafood. Join your chef at the raucous fish market. It has been selling snapper and scorpion fish to passing yachts for 2,000 years. Many pescherie have upgraded to Instagram. This allows them to hook a buyer for swordfish steaks or red shrimps before their product leaves the market. Fancy a cooking class on deck? Then it’s time to cast off.

Sail Away

The problem is choosing where to sail. Starting your yacht charter from Marina di Stabia you can be anchored off Sorrento, Capri or one of a dozen deserted coves within 30 minutes. Fortunately, every destination tastes good when you’re packing homemade pizza and limoncello. Plus enough toys to create an aquatic Olympics wherever you anchor.