When Mother Nature went wild.

Quintessentially Corsican

Girolata is quintessentially Corsican. This boho beach town is solely accessible by sea. Fishing boats unload essentials onto the quay: brioche for breakfast, lobster for dinner and bottles of AOC Vin de Corse rosé. No yacht? Poor you. The nearest civilisation requires a two-hour hike on Le Sentier du Facteur (‘the Postman’s Track’). This trail zigzags past a 15th-century Genoese castle and across rivers teaming with fish. Too easy? Girolata can also be reached by the Mare e Monti (‘Sea and Mountains’) trail. This coast-to-coast hike is guarded by ospreys and mouflons and takes 10 days! A Y.CO guide can escort you to the most spectacular sections of Europe’s ultimate hiking route.

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Your Guide to Girolata

Natural Beauty

The biggest reasons to embark on a Girolata yacht charter adventure? Sealife and sand. The town overlooks the Corsican Natural Park. Under the waves, rays and baby crustaceans shelter in Poseidon grass. This seaweed is washed up on the wild-as-Eden sands of Plage d'Osani, where it is munched by free range cows. Arone Plage is another feral beach yet to welcome a pair of Cavalli shorts.

Scuba diving, Snorkelling & Sunbathing

Your fast tender can reach snorkel spots known only to sea turtles. Try Cap Senino for snarling morays and rainbow nudibranches. Or Ponta a Scopa for 25m deep creeks that hide lobsters aplenty. Your Y.CO charter yacht possesses every subaquatic accessory: dive watches, compressors, wetsuits and night torches. While crew can offer instruction in scuba skills, beginner’s snorkeling, full face mask diving for kids and freediving. You only live once.

Iconic Corsican Paradise

The best sight on dry land? The Calanques de Piana. It’s a Star Wars fantasy of ochre towers and scarlet pillars sculpted by Mother Nature. The switchback road through this red rock moonscape is like driving through Arizona. Your Y.CO Charter Specialist will source wheels: eBike, real bike or motorbike. The beaches below the Calanques de Piana are boat-only - and will be forever. These cliffs are so sheer that only mule tracks can ever reach the sea. 


Golden Sands And Blue Bays

The Girolata region’s natural wonders are crowned by Sagone. In this handsome town, little has changed since Roman times. Recipes are similarly ancient: grilled bream, red wine, wild figs. The wider Gulf of Sagone teams with life. Crew can set up a fishing station on the Gulf’s northern ‘sunset’ side to hook tuna and swordfish for sushi and steaks. Or unload your yacht’s toys in the middle of the Gulf where jetskis can run and dinghies can race.

Beach bums should look no further. Because Plage de Liscia is another wow-factor beach to visit on your Corsica yacht charter. As in a jaw-dropping, breath-taking, break-the-Internet beautiful curve of sand. At dawn or dusk the footsteps can be yours alone.