Bonifacio defies gravity. It’s perched on 80m cliffs, which crumble into azure seas. Far below this teetering town sits an awesome natural port. Cruise in and check it out.

Creamy Cliffs & Castle Walls

Bonifacio defies gravity. Dock with your charter yacht at Bonifacio’s fortified port, which is perched on 80m cliffs, which crumble into azure seas. Desperate to jump in? Red Bull hosts the cliff diving World Championships right here. Far below this teetering town sits an awesome natural port. The marina is encircled by creamy cliffs and castle walls. Like a Mediterranean fjord designed by Walt Disney himself.

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Your Guide to Bonifacio

The Wild Side Of The Mediterranean

Bonifacio has seduced Mediterranean sailors for 2,000 years. Some never left. The raised town is a white-washed warren of galleries, bakeries and boutiques. Its main square is one big pavement café. You can order baguettes, brioche and brocciu cheesecake in French, Italian or Corsican. When sailing out of Bonifacio on your charter yacht, some guests are reduced to tears. Not least because those creamy cliffs glow bright pink in the setting sun.

Wild Figs & Snorkelling Creeks

Don’t cry. Because a quicksilver necklace of 20 beaches sweeps east from Bonifacio. Like Balistra Plage, a deserted sandy curl protected within a Nature Reserve. Daily breeze makes it a brilliant destination for kiteboards and windsurfs.

Triathlete on board? A marathon-length mountain path links Bonifacio with the precipitous lighthouse at Roccapina. A Y.CO charter guide can lead the way. The reward for this four-hour walk is wild figs, falcon sightings and snorkelling creeks solely accessible on foot - or by boat.

A Surfers’ Paradise

Need a rest? Command your yacht captain to Gurgazu. Corsica's prettiest port hasn’t changed since the 1970s. Think seafood shacks, beach bars and sandy games of baseball. Gurgazu sits alongside the Gulf of Sant'Amanza. Come summertime it’s a surfers’ paradise, as waves barrel down the gulf towards the silky sands of Maora Plage. Grab a kneeboard or surfboard. Then hang ten as your crew prepare celebratory cocktails on the beach.