Cavallo & The Lavezzi Islands

Corsica meets the Caribbean.

Protected Ocean Paradise

A protected ocean paradise sparkles between Corsica and Sardinia. In this 79,000-hectare Marine Park, dolphins leap and eagles soar. Welcome to the Lavezzi Islands. The big secret? This herb-scented archipelago is a boat-only affair and ideal for a Lavezzi Islands yacht charter adventure.

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Your Guide to Cavallo & The Lavezzi Islands

An Idyllic Corner Of Corsica

Crew will unpack your underwater gear. Snorkels, dive watches, cameras and seascooters will bring the topaz seas around the Lavezzi Islands alive. Even novice swimmers can float over shoals of barracuda and grouper. Pass the binoculars. Because each sandy island hosts shearwaters, cormorants and the occasional Y.CO beach picnic. Forgot the olive oil? Strap on a kitesurf and glide across to Sardinia. With a stiff breeze the Italian island is only 10 minutes away.

A Boat-only Affair

Only one Lavezzi island is inhabited. Cruise with your charter yacht to Cavallo, a Caribbean-style paradise A-listers keep to themselves. The most southerly point in Metropolitan France is encircled by wild beach. Mustique-style electric buggies are used for transport, so tranquillity is assured. Access? Solely by chopper, tender, back stroke or front crawl.

Wild Beaches. Desert Islands.

The best snorkel spot in the Lavezzi Islands is Cala Achiarina. Grab a mask to spot saddled bream, sneaky eels and rainbow wrasse in Jacuzzi-warm seas. More energetic guests can kayak to Sperone Golf Club on mainland Corsica. It’s sunny, serene - and the most southerly 18-hole course in all of France.