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Corsica is the Mediterranean’s wild child. The island’s 200 beaches welcome more wild donkeys than wild parties. Along its 1,000km coastline, dolphins dance and eagles swoop. Fancy a day at a beach bar? You’ll need to charter a yacht.

The Wild Child


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Your Guide to Corsica

Three of the world’s Top Ten beaches



There’s a reason why Corsica has remained pristine. For 50 years almost half the island has been protected within a Natural Park. Inland from Propriano expect an Eden of primary forest and fish-filled rivers. At sea around Scandola you’ll discover a Mediterranean aquarium protected by UNESCO. The upshot? Wildlife tracking. Equine swimming. Daredevil canyoning. Sealife freediving. Fall-in-the-sea rockclimbing. Plane-to-beach skydiving. And much, much more.

Your Guide to Corsica

Beachside Bliss

Some countries would sell their crown jewels to host one of the Top Ten Beaches in the World. Corsica has three. Saleccia, Palombaggia and Rondinara are beaches you’d struggle to find in The Bahamas or The Seychelles. And as development is banned for miles around, each beach is Robinson Crusoe pure.

Your Guide to Corsica

Sunnier Than St Tropez

Here’s Corsica in a nutshell. An island twice the size of Mallorca yet with under half the population. A place sunnier than St Tropez where sushi is purchased directly from fishermen. An awesome sailing destination with just a handful of yachts. Make sure one of them is yours.



There’s nobody here!

Italy ran Corsica on a loose rein for 500 years. France did the same for another 250 years. Roads, rails and coastal development are minimal. In short, Corsica has deserted beaches, unnamed islets and spot-the-dolphin seas. And yet its population density is lower than that of Scotland. Your charter yacht will be the only show in town.


This granite island has 20 peaks over 2,000m. Mountains also rise from the seabed to form tiny islets, which orbit Corsica like sandy satellites. Near Ajaccio the Sanguinaire Islands are ideal for scuba dives within a Marine Reserve. Near Bonifacio the Lavezzi Islands are barely inhabited sprinkles of sand. Facilities? Non existent. Access? Private boat or bust.

Corsica Yacht Charter FAQs

Where's best to go yachting in Corsica?

Corsica is home to some of the world's best beaches and most enchanting locations. Bonifacio clings elegantly to 80m cliffsides, while Porto Vecchio is a true tropical paradise. Historic Ajaccio boasts sand, seafood and sunshine, and Propriano hosts Corsica's most luxurious marina. Where will you choose to unwind?

What can I do in Corsica?

Cruise along some of the finest beaches the world has ever seen. Discover hidden coves, snorkel in secret, or relax on the peaceful shores under blissful rays of sunshine. This exclusive destination welcomes a handful of yachts each year, so ensure you're getting priority access to this breathtaking beauty.

What's the weather like in Corsica?

This prestigious island enjoys superb summer climates, with average temperatures reaching 27°C in the height of summer. The blue Mediterranean will offer perfect conditions to partake in water sports galore. Alternatively, top up your tan among the deserted beaches and watch the dolphins dance.

What yachts do you have available to charter in Corsica?

Charter a yacht in Corsica – one of the world's best cruising destinations. Superyacht hotspots and island escapes are just around the corner. Choose your budget, the number of guests, and what facilities you need onboard. Our expert charter team can then sort the rest.