Depth of colour.

Depth of Colour

Villefranche rings the Riviera’s greatest harbour like an amphitheatre. The principal pastime? Drinking café au lait while watching the bay. That’s because the 300m-deep water welcomes humble fishermen alongside the world’s largest yachts. The footwear in Villefranche’s seaside piazza - Tod’s, flippers, sea boots and sandals - sum up the port’s libertine air. 

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Your Guide to Villefranche

Down-to-earth Charm

Villefranche is a port of two halves. The seaside promenade is a Mayfair-on-Sea of fast cars and movie stars. Yet stroll one street behind for labyrinthine streets and local eats, including chickpea socca and salade Niçoise. Villefranche is topped by a massive Citadelle. The best bit? This gigantic fortress opens until midnight as an outdoor cinema: Black Panther for kids; Tenet for grown-ups.

A Beautiful Approach

Villefranche found fame as a freediving destination. In the protected bay hold-your-breath divers descend to 130m wearing only flippers and masks. Try the sport on board your yacht. Crew will supply monofins and instruct on breathing techniques. Or simply snorkel with sea-level octopus and gilthead bream. Too strenuous? Ask your crew to stream freediving classic The Big Blue on deck. Popcorn and Kronenbourg beers are on demand.

Secrets To Discover

In Villefranche solace is simple to source. Jog the coastal path that has connected Villefranche to Nice since time began. Or hike up to impregnable Fort du Mont-Alban 220m above town - and WhatsApp crew with your lunch order from the top. Sunset is best spent on a rooftop bar. Want to recreate your favourite cocktail, requiring Hendrick’s gin or Mount Gay rum? Your crew will escort you back to your yacht, then set up a mixology bar on deck.