Where eagles dare.

An Enigmatic Eagle’s Nest

Eze is an eagle’s nest. Imagine a Disney castle sited 410m above the Mediterranean. The best panorama from this clifftop village? The once-in-a-lifetime view from San Remo to St Tropez. Point to any destination and your captain can cruise there in 60 minutes flat. 

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Your Guide to Eze

Goat Track to the Beach

The best way down to the beach? A headlong descent down the Sentier Nietzsche goat track. This breakneck-steep trail was used by author Frédéric Nietzsche as he composed his equally tortuous novel Thus Spoke Zarathustra. Your crew will provide a bottle of Perrier at the bottom. The other way down to the sea? Y.CO Charter Specialist can source a serious set of wheels. Like an Aston Martin DB-5 or a Ferrari 355, in which James Bond raced against Russian assailant Xenia Onatopp in 007 movie Goldeneye - on these very roads.

A Majestic Getaway

You deserve a swim. Fortunately the beach resort of Eze-sur-Mer is a delicious swoosh of sand. Eze’s big wide bay calls out for a jet ski regatta. Crew will strap on Go-Pros. Then edit the footage - of you getting drenched - for an evening screening on deck.

Refined. Rustic. Relaxing.

The best beach bar on the French Riviera? Mala Plage underneath Cap d’Ail is favoured by sunrise yogis, daytime bathers and sunset satyrs. This perfect crescent of plage is washed by an Evian-like water spring. This creates a trippy, cloudy current, from which striped bass appear like psychedelic apparitions. It’s enough to frighten you back to your anchored yacht, where a restorative mojito awaits.