Capital of cool

La Croisette

La Croisette is Cannes’ seaside boulevard. It sparkles with boutiques from head to toe (think Ralph Lauren for sunhats, Jimmy Choo for shoes). You can eat brioche in a bikini. Play poker in an outdoor casino. Or rollerblade with an octogenarian granny. Your Y.CO Charter Specialist can arrange everything in advance, from private beach access to shopping pickup by tender.

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Your Guide to Cannes

Be At The Centre Of The Action

Cannes was immortalised in the 1920s by a glam-sham cast. Ernest Hemingway drank. Pablo Picasso painted. Zelda Fitzgerald threw her dessert at a visiting duchess, then fell asleep on the train track near Antibes. Her husband, F Scott Fitzgerald, immortalised the era’s decadence in his novel Tender Is the Night.

Hollywood Glamour on the Côte d'Azur

In Cannes your crew can make any guest’s dream come true. Kids can paddleboard off Palm Beach, then kayak to the Iles des Lérins offshore. Teens can pose with mocktails in rooftop bars including Le Roof, which has a 13m infinity pool. Movie buffs can order one of 22 gins in the Hotel Martinez Bar, where silver screen stars have their names embossed on the stools. Foodies? Head straight upstairs. Two-star Michelin La Palme d’Or is where Cannes Film Festival winners celebrate.

A Perfect Place For Everyone

The Film Festival cemented Cannes’ global allure. Decades of stars have been snapped alongside night spots, palatial yachts and a pastel-hued old town. Cannes remains the ultimate French Riviera destination for promenading and posing. A final note: for front row cinema seats look no further. Your crew will screen any movie alfresco on your yacht.