Paradise. Just press play.

No Translation Needed

Some Italian words need no translation. Caffè. Vino. Portofino. This chic port has a rainbow swoosh of rococo buildings. Which curve around a perfect harbour. The only-in-Portofino morning? Sip peach bellinis (at Hotel Splendido). Hike to a fabulous villa (at Castello Brown). Then take a celebratory cliff jump into the drink (at Portofino Lighthouse). Life is that spectacular.

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Your Guide to Portofino

Reserved Paradise

Yet paradise is reserved for the lucky few. Portofino has just 500 residents. Its branch of Dior is more popular than the newspaper store. Need to dock your tender in town? Take over a trattoria terrace? Race a Ferrari into the foothills? Fear not. You Y.CO Charter Specialist has reserved heaven in advance.

Squid. Lobster. Red Shrimps.

Exclusively makes Paraggi Beach the most laid-back sand on the Italian Riviera. It’s a short walk - or quick jetski - from Portofino. Expect tickle-your-toes sand meets translucent sea. Take a table at beach bar Langosteria. Where the menu is entirely dedicated to squid, lobster and red shrimps. Or dine onboard. Where any dish - from vegan Keralan curry to Bistecca Fiorentina steak - is at your command.

Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

Our ultimate tip for a Portofino yacht charter? Eat. Sleep. Repeat. Because tomorrow morning your yacht will position off San Fruttuoso. A sandy creek solely accessible by sea. Take snorkels and seascooters to spot an underwater scuba statue of Christ, sunk in 17m of sea. Then swim to San Fruttuoso’s simple fish restaurant Da Giorgio. Here even the ingredients arrive by rowboat or RIB.