History on a plate.

Glide to the Top

Italy’s principal port welcomes the world. An amphitheatre of palace buildings encircle a marina dedicated to pleasure. Experience aquariums, biospheres, ferris wheels. Plus an eye-in-the-sky viewing crane designed by Genoese starchitect Renzo Piano. Glide to the top, then spot your charter yacht.

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Your Guide to Genoa

Genoa’s Palazzi

Seven centuries of maritime power paid for Genoa’s 100 palazzi. These mansions are so magnificent they are protected by UNESCO. Join our Y.CO eBike tour to buildings hung with artworks by Rubens and Caravaggio. To museums and castles. To sleeping beauty churches that glitter with gold. Then pause in Genoa's backstreets for liquid culture. Crumbling villas hide wine bars. Which mix iced caffè shakerato and cocktails of sambuca and crushed lime.

Foodie Central

Worked up an appetite? Good. Genoa is foodie central. A city that gave the world pesto, focaccia and chickpea farinata. Our hand-picked food guide will lead you around Genoa’s caruggi backstreets. Sample chestnut doughnuts, octopus fritters and wildflower gelato. All in the first 15 minutes. Or go Michelin star in a 14th-century portside mansion. Try saltcod with Japanese daikon, followed by raw seafood crudo di mare. Genoa has it all.

Sail into Italian History

Then sail into Italian history. Because Genoa’s coastline is dotted with Rococo resorts that global tourism forgot. Boccadasse is a pastel paintbox port. Where bathers share the beach with fishing boats and seafood shacks. Camogli is like Portofino in the 1950s. Here residents care more about their Fritto Misto than the Ferrari parked out front.