Cinque Terre

Five times the fun

Italy Reimagined by Disney

Cinque Terre is Italy reimagined by Disney. Five Technicolor villages tumble into topaz seas. Cars are banned. Instead the Cinque Terre’s 5,000 villagers canoe to rendezvous, or take the telegenic train that dangles above sheer cliffs. Raise a toast in a pavement café with Cinque Terre’s favourite drink: local limoncello over crushed ice.

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Your Guide to the Cinque Terre

UNESCO World Heritage Site

Need a visual? Imagine the Italian Riviera’s greatest hits. Packed into one 20km coast. Five villages so stunning they form a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sited next to a Marine Protected Area where bottlenose dolphins leap and pilot whales breach.

Join In The Foodie Fun

Until the railroad arrived, Cinque Terre was completely isolated. Today food and drink remain what Italians call chilometro zero: 100% locally sourced. Join in the foodie fun. Roll your own ravioli (in a resident’s kitchen in Riomaggiore village). Catch your own seafood (by snorkelling the caves underneath Vernazza village). Pick only-grown-here Bosco grapes (in the seaview vineyards above Monterosso village). And forage your own lunch (including wild strawberries around the villages of Corniglia and Manarola).

Criss-crossed By Rollercoaster Routes

Here’s even better news. Cinque Terre resides in its own petite National Park - the smallest in Italy. Hike 50 walking trails. Kayak 11 canoeing routes. Snorkel eight underwater itineraries. Crawl three swim circuits. Want to emulate Egan Bernal? Cinque Terre is criss-crossed by rollercoaster racing bike routes. 

Finding Nemo? In Cinque Terre you will find scuba protected seas. Where mooring and fishing is completely banned. Dive from your RIB to spot white bream, red mullet and damselfish. Discover shoal around shipwrecks like the 80m Bolzaneto, a sunken Italian steamship with 105mm cannons. Too energetic? Simply grab a snorkel and float in 25°C summer seas.