Porto Venere

Highlands. Islands. UNESCO coast.

The Sixth Cinque Terre

They call Porto Venere “the sixth Cinque Terre”. A gaze-in-amazement medieval village perched on a Mediterranean cliff. With a triangle of beach. Plus islands within swimming reach. All surrounded by buildings so colourful it's as if Michelangelo threw his paintbox from heaven.



Your Guide to Porto Venere

The Gulf of Poets

Porto Venere is lapped by the Gulf of Poets. A Mediterranean bay ringed by beach bars and cliff jumping rocks. The Gulf was adored by English poets Shelley and Byron. Shelley drank Super Tuscan red wines outside medieval churches. While Byron swam from Grotta di Lord Byron, a swim-inside cave. Emulate both poets with a long-distance swim. Crew will follow in a support RIB with emergency gelato and San Pellegrino.

Three Islands. Infinite Adventures.

The best news? Porto Venere crumbles into three idyllic islands. Which are uninhabited except for falcons and sparrowhawks. Palmaria Island is dotted with snorkel caves and carpeted with strawberry trees. With awesome wild beaches and SUP stops. Tino Island is off-limits as a naval base. Although no-one told the spotted dolphins that frequent its shores. Tiny Tinetto Island has the best view in Italy. To the east sit the beach clubs of Forte dei Marmi. To the west it’s open ocean all the way to Monte Carlo.

Extraordinarily Scenic Coastline

Porto Venere has a final stretch of UNESCO-protected coast. North of town, towering cliffs hide boat-only beaches. Kayak in with snorkels and GoPros. Then hit dives like Secca di Pinida, where barracudas guard gorgonian fans and lobsters play. You’ve earnt that spa experience back onboard your charter yacht.