Volcanic hot spot.


Panarea is as cool as Capri. A mini-Mykonos with sugar cube houses and sky blue shutters. Cars are out, golf buggies are in. Welcome to the Mediterranean Mustique where a discreet A-list jet in. Before kiteboarding and windsurfing out. 

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Your Guide to Panarea

Dolce Far Niente

Cala Junco is the embodiment of Panarea. It’s an elegantly simple curve of beach, blessed with vodka-tonic shallows. Solely accessible by yacht. Forget your hot tub. Snorkel from your beach club to Panarea’s underwater fumaroles. These volcanic bubbles dance up from the earth’s crust. Groupers, damselfish and Y.CO charter guests swim in the Champagne fizz.

Exclusive Enclave

As the sun sets, Panarea rocks. The chosen few staying on superyachts flip-flop to outdoor clubs like Raya. The dance floor is lit by lanterns. The dress code is Roman senator meets Italian Vogue. If you’re lucky, the night sky will glow as God’s fireworks erupt from Stromboli Island across the bay. 


Nature In Luxury

Panarea is orbited by five tiny islets. Each one is a boat-only escape. Basiluzzo is a feral kingdom of lemon orchards run wild. Dattilo plunges into feel-the-ocean-beneath-you depths. Lisca Nera and Lisca Bianca are specks for cliff jumps and fist pumps. Bottaro has snorkel-friendly fumaroles that bubble like Jacuzzi jets. Hop between these five islets by kayak or kitesurf. Or scuba down to the wreck of a century-old British merchant ship.