Crossroads of civilisation.

Italy, But Not as You Know It

Palermo is Italy. But not as you know it. Once the richest city in the world, it’s a rainbow tapestry of opera houses and frescoed churches. With dented FIATs parked out front. Street markets read like Moroccan souks. Sandy shores rock like Ibiza beach clubs. Imagine a European capital that’s closer to Africa than Rome. A feast for the senses in every way. 

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Your Guide to Palermo

Nature. History. Culture.

Blame history. Palermo is the Mediterranean’s beating heart. eBike tours and evening strolls brush against Arabesque inscriptions and Byzantine mosaics. Sicily’s greatest king, Roger II, spoke Greek, Arabic, Latin and French. Our hand-picked Y.CO guide will translate glories like Palazzo dei Normanni. It’s a UNESCO-protected palace where the ceilings literally shimmer with gold.

Old School Italian Living

Culture is whisked into one astounding cuisine. Spanish left oranges. French left pastries. Arabians left ice cream. Which is best eaten as brioche con gelato, an ice cream croissant: a cultural Sicilian sandwich. Add island ingredients like swordfish, pistachios, basil and lemons. The main course is a Sicilian cooking class you’ll never forget.

Culture. Cuisine. Grandeur.

Palermitani relax on Mondello Beach. A perfect arc of ivory sand that curves into a letter C. Rococo villas line Mondello’s seafront. Mulberry granitas are sold from pushcarts. Fritto misto seafood is fried on the back of ape tuk-tuks. It’s a sensual overload. Dinner in peace? Your Sicilian tasting menu is served on your Y.CO yacht deck.