The Aeolians meets the Hamptons.

Big, Bold & Beautiful

Lipari is big, bold and beautiful. An island where Mini Mokes serve as wedding cars. Where quad bikes will whiz you to wildlife reserves. Where parties on Spiaggia Bianca beach kick off at midnight. And rock until dawn. 

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Your Guide to Lipari

Italian Island Living

Take a RIB ride around Lipari’s protected 40km coastline. Morays and seastars guard seven significant scuba sites below. Like Pietra Menalda. Around this rocky pinnacle skinny barracudas parade like supermodels, while giant groupers nod dismissively like fashion editors from afar. Lipari’s restaurant terraces serve the fisherman's catch of the day. Such as pesce spada alla Siciliana: seared swordfish topped with island tomatoes and foraged capers.

Rugged Coastlines

Too hyper? Jetski across to Vulcano. It’s Lipari’s eco-chic sister island next door. Float in prosecco fizz fumaroles, which jet up from the seabed. Warm up on Spiaggia di Sabbia Nera, a black sand beach. Then climb Vulcano's puffing peak. Your view? Marvel at the ultimate charter itinerary as the Aeolian Islands float on shimmering seas. Your reward? Laze in sulphur-rich mudbaths inside a volcanic crater. It’s planet earth’s most awesomely located spa.  

Passeggiata. Pavement Cafes.

Still too lively? Filicudi is the teenist, tiniest Aeolian Island. A wild and woody speck where falcons outnumber humans: the population is just 275. Best of all, Filicudi is covered by one giant Natural Reserve. The view is green canyons tumbling into topaz seas. The smell is sun warming fig leaves. The sound is ice clinking in an Aperol spritz on your anchored yacht.