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Why Choose CRN

Why Choose CRN

Leading the Way in Italian Luxury

Costruzioni e Riparazioni Navali, known as CRN, is an Italian luxury superyacht builder based in Ancona, Italy, recognised as a pioneer in design solutions since the 1980s. The shipyard specialises in designing and building fully custom superyachts of up to 95m in aluminium and steel. The CRN shipyard is globally renowned as an icon of Italian excellence, style and elegance and each CRN yacht is the product of elite R&D, leading-edge technology and masterly construction.

Why Choose CRN

Construction and Design

Innovation is the trademark of shipyard CRN and, as such, the yard's focus is to anticipate trends and market demands and to develop new concepts and designs that fit what Clients are looking for. As part of the Ferretti group, and with their vast facilities and large team of experts, shipyard CRN is also able to achieve excellent value for money, while maintaining the highest standards of finish and quality.

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The CRN Story

The CRN Story

An Avant-garde Approach

Sanzio Nicolini founded Costruzionie Riparazioni Navali in 1963 in Ancona, Italy. His avant-garde approach to building luxury yachts from steel and aluminium paid-off, and by the late 1960s the yard was building 23 metre SuperConeros for a select and discerning client base. A collaboration with Carlo Riva followed in the 1970s, with CRN's yachts gradually becoming larger in size through the 1980s and beyond.

The CRN Story

Key Launches

Key launches in the twentieth century include 61m Vagabondo in 1986, 32.8m F100 in 1983, which was the world’s first recreational explorer yacht, 47m Azurra II in 1988, 50m Maracunda in 1990, and 61m Numptia in 2000. Since 1999, shipyard CRN has been part of the Ferretti group. Its most recent launches include 74m Lady Jorgia, 50m Odyssey II, and 62m Voice.