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Royal Huisman is a Dutch shipyard that builds and refits custom luxury motor yachts and sailing yachts in steel, aluminium and advanced composites. Its shipyard is based in Vollenhove in the Netherlands. Luxury yacht builder Royal Huisman offers an extraordinary blend of traditional craftmanship and twenty-first century innovation, resulting in yachts that are truly timeless.

The Royal Huisman Story

The Royal Huisman Story

Ready To Take On The Oceans Of The World

Jans Huisman founded the Huisman Shipyard in 1884 and the yard has been family-owned and operated ever since. The Royal Huisman shipyard began as a constructor of smaller wooden motor and sailing yachts, eventually switching to steel in the mid 1950s and also pioneering the use of aluminium in yacht construction.

The Royal Huisman Story

Multi-Generational Business

Jan Huisman’s son Wolter Huisman took over the luxury yacht builder in 1959, specializing in racing sailing yachts and eventually, custom superyacht building. On the shipyard’s 100th anniversary in 1984, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands anointed Huisman with the title “Royal”, and the superyacht builder was renamed Royal Huisman. On his retirement in 2004, Wolter Huisman’s daughter Alice became managing director.