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Inventors of the Modern Superyacht


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Why Choose Benetti

Why Choose Benetti

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Like buying a perfectly tailored suit, the joy of owning a Benetti lies in the passion, love and detailed craftmanship that goes into every aspect of its build. From the Italian sourced marble (owners may select it themselves from Italian quarries) to the hand finished carpentry, the finishes and materials on a Benetti are of the highest quality.

Why Choose Benetti

Pioneers of Modern Superyacht Construction

Benetti yachts is known as the inventor of the modern superyacht, after they switched from wood to steel in 1961. The luxury yacht builder is as big as its reputation, with almost 300 yachts built and over 300,000 square metres of production facilities spread across six shipyards in Italy. One of the most well-known and oldest yacht builders in the world, the Benetti shipyard produces both fully custom and semi-custom superyachts ranging from 30m to over 100m in length. Benetti Yachts takes a client-centric approach, and through their technical focus, aim to build yachts that are functional and innovative, with no compromise on style or comfort.

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The Benetti Story

A Piece Of Cinema History

The Benetti Story

Boutique-style Shipyard

Throughout the 20th century, Benetti developed into a fashionable, boutique shipyard for celebrities and society-goers alike. Benetti yachts were often seen anchored proudly in the bay of Monaco, and other fashionable hotspots, showcasing the style and elegance of this Italian shipyard. In 1961, Benetti gained further fame by switching its materials from wood to steel, and effectively inventing the modern luxury motor yacht.

The Benetti Story

Largest Superyacht Builder In The World

The Azimut Yachts group acquired Benetti in 1985, starting a new chapter for the shipyard. With extensive facilities spanning Viareggio, Fano and Livorno, the Azimut-Benetti Group, by its sheer production numbers, is now the largest superyacht manufacturer in the world.

The Benetti Story

Legacy of Italian Craftsmanship

The Benetti Shipyard can be traced back to two historic Italian shipyards: The Fratelli Benetti, established in 1873 in Viareggio, Tuscany, and the Fratelli Orlando shipyard, established in 1866 in Livorno. The Livorno shipyard originally launched huge battleships such as VARESE when the launch of this vessel was filmed in 1896, the yard became the location of one of the earliest pieces of cinema history.