Where to Charter a Yacht in October

Serene Sunshine and Sands that will Spoil You Rotten

Yacht Charter in October

Serene Sunshine. Sands to Spoil You Rotten

This is the time of year that you'll really need your sunshades as the sharp white sands are set to dazzle. Flying under the radar, only those in the know book an October yacht charter. As well as decent weather and calm seas, there is plenty of barefoot beach action on the cards from the closing parties in Ibiza to late-season sun in Turkey. And that's before we mention Australia.

Those in the Know Book in October


Yacht Charter in October

See Hawksbill Turtles Nesting in the Seychelles

The Seychelles is the kind of place the Gods would come on holiday. Clear, crystalline waters. Golden beaches that shimmer like halos. Countless idyllic islands with healthy coral reefs that teem with sea life. Charter a yacht in October to see hawksbill turtles nest at Cousin. With dry weather and calm waters, diving off Mahé is magical too. At the end of the month, Festival Kreol delves into the local culture.

Yacht Charter in October

Bask in Turkey's Late-Season Sun

The tourist season may be done across much of the country, but the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas both wring out the last of the lemon-yellow sun in autumn. Top up your tan on an October yacht charter. Head for the turquoise tides of the Turkish Riviera, which ribbons the southwestern coast from Çeşme to Alanya. Littered with little islands and heart-stealing beaches, this meandering metamorphic undertaking is glorious.

Yacht Charter in October

See Indonesia's Prehistoric Dragons

With more than 17,000 islands, the vast archipelago nation of Indonesia is a rich, intoxicating destination. Chartering a yacht in October means few visitors but good weather. Aim for Komodo National Park. Home to the world's largest lizard, the prehistoric Komodo dragon, this nature reserve offers much more besides. Moor offshore for an entirely different world underwater. Manta rays, hammerhead sharks and an array of bright reef fish abound.

Yacht Charter in October

Bathe Australia's Best Beaches in the Whitsundays

See the Whitsundays in a magazine and you'd swear these wonderful islands, with perfect, white beaches, were photoshopped. But weigh anchor among the calm, turquoise waters of northern Queensland and you'll find they're the real deal. The sand is 98% silica, so it never burns your feet. Charter a yacht in October, the region's sunniest month, for bright clear waters below. Ideal for nosing around the Great Barrier Reef too.

Yacht Charter in October

Groove Away at Ibiza's Closing Parties

There was a time when Ibiza’s DJs spun their last tunes in September, but these days this bass-heavy Balearic island likes to stretch things out a little. And why not? The sun sticks around until October, even if the temperature drops a little (though nowhere near as low as northern Spain). Charter a yacht and you can experience everything this slice of Shangri-La has to offer: fine dining, popping bars and pretty, unexplored coves.