St Thomas

Paradise. Just a little more pumped up. St Thomas is the USVI if you want your heart's BPM to go a little crazy. Spectacular beaches. Umpteen water sports.

Where the Wild Things Are

Forget those Robinson Crusoe, castaway vibes. No one’s getting shipwrecked in St Thomas. Half the size of St Croix, but packed with twice the action, this is the most popular of the US Virgin Islands – and it's easy to see why. Pick any lick of shoreline here and it could end up on a Best Beaches Ever list. Name a watersport and you can try it here. This is the gung-ho, action-packed USVIs. Only thrill-seekers need apply. Here are three good excuses to go by St Thomas yacht charter.

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Reasons to Visit St Thomas

The Perfect Caribbean Companion

This wine-sipping, golf ball-hitting, gondola-riding stretch of Caribbean Eden is geared up to attend to every whim. From the farmer's markets and jewellery stores of Charlotte Amalie to annual world-class yacht racing regattas out of Red Hook, St Thomas residents have thought of everything. There's even a local vodka distillery (yes, you read that right). Yet somehow it remains distinctly paradisiacal – if you have your own yacht to make the most of it. Here’s how.

Water Island

Like the secret chord in Hallelujah, Water Island is sometimes spoken of in hushed, reverent tones. Close enough to Charlotte Amalie you could (almost) float to it by bodyboard, the ‘Fourth Virgin’ feels like it’s in another galaxy. Moor up offshore and head over to Honeymoon Beach, a stretch of shoreline so sexy, even the most committed bride and groom falls in love with it.


Paddleboarding, paddleboats, snorkelling, kayaking, diving, island-hopping, fishing. If it floats, St Thomas will make a splash about it. It’s easy to take advantage of the island’s calm, turquoise waters, but there’s a catch: it can get busy. However, position your rib offshore at Lindquist Beach and the coral shelf brimming with fish is exclusively yours. You’ll need a boat to go sea-turtle-spotting in the seagrasses of Sapphire Beach, too.

The Mermaid’s Chair

Talk about exclusive. The Mermaid's Chair is a super isolated, little-visited cove of sugar-colour sand on the northwest side of the island. Accessible only by kayak or paddleboard, position at Hawksnest Bay and complete the rest under your own steam. Shielded by large craggy rocks, it is thought to be the only beach on the island where the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea meet. Ask any mermaid you spot here.