Ultra-chic Mustique is the preening beauty of the Caribbean. Its silk-soft beaches are often deserted. Its glitterati vibe is legendary.It’s surrounded by vibrant reefs and game-fishing grounds, too.

The Caribbean’s Most Desirable Destination?

Celebrities, spas and ginger-bread bungalow boutiques. Privately owned Mustique is the Caribbean at its most chic. Anchor your Y.CO luxury yacht in Britannia Bay and steer your tender for iconic beach-bar Basil’s for sundowners with your fellow yachters and perhaps a member of the British Royal family – they love it here. Serious divers do too: the wrecks are unparalleled. If coral’s more your thing, the westerly reef will bring a tear to your eye.

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Reasons to Visit Mustique

Because You Can

Mustique is a refuge. The glitterati come here to enjoy its bounty in privacy. Your Y.CO charter is a golden ticket in. Then it’s activities galore. Try pinch-yourself horse riding on Princess Margaret Beach. Or mindful walking through the Bird Sanctuary to spot grebes, herons or warblers. Don’t miss diving at Endeavour Bay’s coral nursery, too. Or snorkelling off super-still Gelliceaux beach. Hungry? Let’s do a lobster beach barbecue.

Basil’s Bar

Basil’s is Mustique’s social heart. From celebs to sailors, all are welcome. Fronting Britannia Bay (where you’ll drop anchor) it’s been slinging ‘Mustique Mules’ since 1976. The grill sizzles with fresh-caught lobster at lunchtime; the trade winds suck the heat from the evening. Everything here’s always ‘just so’. Wake up on your Y.CO yacht the next day and swim with turtles that call this quaint little bay home.

Diving Mustique’s Top Sites

Love being fins-up, head-down on the reef? Mustique is coral heaven, especially to the west. Plot for the shallow waters around the Pillories for some quiet time with lobster, eels and Gorgonians. The Antilles, meanwhile, is an advanced wreck dive through a colossal 600-passenger cruise ship. You’re a shark lover aren’t you? OK, position off Shark Cave to meet a few of our (harmless) black-tipped friends.

Calling All Twitchers

Not all of Mustique’s wildlife lives underwater. The Bird Sanctuary’s mix of mangroves and dry forest is perfect for spotting ospreys, belted kingfishers or crested hummingbirds. Moor your Y.CO luxury yacht in tranquil Plantain Bay, jump in your tender and head for shore. There’s an easy 3 to 5km trail laid out. Hardcore hikers might like the 16km Mustique circuit. Emotional forest views.