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Didim Ancient History

Ancient history is anchored in Didim. The Temple of Apollo is an eBike ride away from your luxury marina. Stroll Greek columns and Roman baths while eating Turkish figs. Classicist on board? Hop from yacht to jeep to see isolated ruins guarded by gekkos. And witness the most splendid Aegean Coast archaeological sites - Priene, Miletus, Pamukkale, Aphrodisias - in the company of a Turkish historian.

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The Gigantic Temple of Apollo

One archeological masterpiece is greater than them all. Esphesus is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which hosted one of the Seven Wonders of the World. One word: Wow. Civilisation’s most intact Greco-Roman city has marble temples and frescoed villas. Plus a two-millennia-old brothel signposted with a sexy lady’s head carved in stone. What made Ephesus so ornate? It was financed by King Croesus, the man who literally invented money. Your Y.CO Charter Specialist has arranged skip-the-line access to this open-air museum.

Turkey’s Busiest Pleasure Port

The port of Kusadasi is action-packed. Turkey’s busiest pleasure port stocks as many silks and spices as Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar. Take a hammam steam bath. Picnic on a castle island. Or cruise to eight sandy beaches in your charter yacht tender. We love Ladies Beach, a soft sand curve that doubles as Turkey’s windsurfing go-to. 

Land of Adventure

Still fired up? Your Y.CO Charter Specialist will bring Didim’s Aegean shores alive. Pilot a quad bike into pine forest. Trot into the Turkish hinterland on horseback. Bike into the Buyuk Menderes Delta National Park alongside golden jackals and Eurasian lynx. Then anchor for dinner off uninhabited Panayir Island. Your Turkish Coast adventure has just begun.