St Tropez. Turkish style.

The Turkey's St Tropez

Bodrum is Turkey’s St Tropez. A timeless fishing port with a bohemian beauty, beloved of jet set guests. Yet sights and sounds are 100% Turkish. The click-click of backgammon. The hubble-bubble of sheesha waterpipes. The flap of sail in Bodrum harbour, where vintage sailboats dock alongside extreme superyachts. Slip on Tod’s, Havaianas or heels, and join the fun.

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Secret Escape

Looking for privacy? Sail to Ingiliz Limani. A bay so secret that it hid the Royal Navy’s special forces in WWII. Sailing heaven comes perfumed by amber trees and Aleppo pines. Dozens of creeks shelter mirror-calm waters. It’s the perfect spot for kayak safaris and efoil explorations. Got lost? You won’t be the first. Your Y.CO yacht crew will bring the refreshments to you using a GPS locator.

Pleasure Personified

The Bodrum backstory is particularly evocative. One century ago, writer Cevat Sakir Kabaagacli was exiled to this sleepy port as punishment. Kabaagacli found paradise instead. Cobalt sky, golden sand and the Aegean Sea, “cracked upon the horizon without warning like a vast blue thundering infinity”. Kabaagacli fished with sponge divers, mapped shipwrecks and cultivated Bodrum’s boho vibe. His legacy? Bodrum hosts the world’s best Underwater Archeology Museum. Next to alfresco discos that rock until dawn.

Sunken Treasures And Secret Beaches

Looking for seclusion? That’s Sedir Island. A Thai-style speck teleported to the Aegean Sea. Cleopatra holidayed on the island 2,000 years ago. And transported silky soft sand from Egypt 1,000km south. Cleopatra’s sand is still there. As is a Byzantine church, ruined temple and vine-covered amphitheatre. Historians should grab a snorkel. Then swim through limpid waters to a sunken Roman harbour guarded by striped bream.