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600 golden sand sprinkles line topaz seas. Beyond Porto Cervo's superyacht hub, it's a step into the 19th century. Stilettos out, wild figs in. Your coolest find along Sardinia's 2,000km coast? A frozen watermelon daiquiri.

Life’s a beach


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Your Guide to Sardinia




Blame geography. Sardinia is 500 million years old. Time has sculpted a rollercoaster topography of raging rivers, snowy mountains, hidden creeks and coral reefs. Which means world-class canyoning, climbing, kayaking and diving. Each Y.CO yacht carries the kit to support these epic Sardinian adventures. That’s important. Because your boat will be the only dive club, beach bar, sports centre and massage salon for miles around.

Your Guide to Sardinia

Isle of Adventure

Some adventures have been preserved by accident. Like Santo Stefano Island in the 60-island Maddalena Archipelago. Previously off-limits as a NATO submarine base, the surrounding sea is a Picasso palette of sunfish and rainbow wrasse. Another example is Asinara Island. This former high security Mafia prison has feral populations of horses and donkeys. And a census population of just 1. Your Y.CO Charter Specialist will arrange horse riding, free diving, wildlife spotting, open-air painting. Whatever floats your boat.

Your Guide to Sardinia

Sail in Hungry

The Mediterranean’s second-largest island (after Sicily) grows Italy’s lemons, tomatoes and artichokes. Catches its lobsters, tuna and sea bass. And produces award-winning wines in vineyards that can be scootered, hiked and eBiked around. This diet means Sardinia hosts the world’s highest number of centenarians alongside Okinawa in Japan. Trust Y.CO for organic picnics, cooking classes and ten-course tasting menus under the stars.




Sardinia has 1.5 million residents and 4 million sheep. Islanders breakfast on Casizolu, an only-found-here mountain cheese commended by the Slow Food movement. Aperol aperitifs are paired with Fiore Sardo, a better-than-Pecorino hard cheese sourced from a single Sardinian flock. Just avoid Casu Martzu (literally 'rotten cheese'). This man-versus-food challenge has been nibbled by maggots and is considered an aphrodisiac. Yeah, right.

600 Beaches

Cala Goloritzé is a silver swoosh of powder sand protected from casual tourists by 470m-high cliffs. The beach is so stunning it was declared an Italian National Monument in 1995. Spiaggia di Piscinas comprises 4km of Sahara sands abutting swimming pool seas. National Geographic ranked the beach as one of the best beaches in the world. And access to those beaches? Like almost everything else on Sardinia. From dive spots to desert islands, from sandy sunrise yoga to SUP safaris in a Marine Reserve, it’s yacht or nothing.

Sardinia Yacht Charter FAQs

What yachts are available for charter in Sardinia?

Yachting in Sardina has never been more exciting. Prepare to make lasting memories as you choose from over 1,000 Y.CO yachts for charter. We'll provide the ultimate Sardinia adventure, helping you achieve the unbelievable. Select a brand-new yacht or a tried-and-tested favourite. We've got it covered.

What is there to do in Sardinia?

This superyacht hub offers once-in-a-lifetime adventures. It's the Mediterranean's second largest island, where fine-dining enthusiasts can enjoy fresh local produce and exquisite tasting menus. Head to the idyllic beaches with a full stomach and sunbathe to the sounds of gentle waves splashing before you. Heaven.

When's the best time to go to Sardinia?

The best time to enjoy your Sardinia yacht charter itinerary is between May and September. August is the high season and welcomes thousands of tourists each year. Those who are looking for a relaxing yachting holiday can enjoy the quieter periods between May and June.

Where are the best yachting locations in Sardinia?

You'll never be short of beaches in Sardina. Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo are famous for their extensive coastlines, soft, white sand, and picture-perfect waters. Alternatively, head to Cala Di Volpe – Sardinia's most renowned beach club. If tranquillity is more your thing, visit the paradise islands of La Maddalena.