South Pacific & Australasia

We’ll give you 25,000 reasons to explore Australia and the Pacific. Each island has unique sights, species, culture and cuisine. In fact, spending a day on all 25,000 Pacific islands would take 68 years. That’s a voyage of a lifetime. Say no more.

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YACHTS AVAILABLE IN THE South Pacific & Australasia

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Your Guide to the South Pacific & Australasia

Where a Yacht isn’t a Luxury. It’s a Necessity.



Thank Geography. Australia and the Pacific is surrounded by the Ring of Fire. This volcanic circle lifted entire archipelagos like Tonga. Where humpback whales can be seen with masks and snorkels. It created deep ocean canyons like the Hebrides Trench near Vanuatu. Which can be explored with a Y.CO yacht submersible. It spawned mid-ocean islands like the Galápagos. Where you can Segway to seal sanctuaries and snorkel with sharks.

Your Guide to the South Pacific & Australasia

Only By Yacht

One word of warning. The Pacific covers an area greater than all the continents combined. A yacht isn’t a luxury. It’s a must. Want to surf secret breaks of New Caledonia? To scuba hundreds of WWII wrecks in Palau? To climb volcanoes in Vanuatu? Bring your own yacht. Plus equipment. And drinking water too.

Your Guide to the South Pacific & Australasia

Virgin Yachting

Some destinations are virgin yachting territory. Like Papua New Guinea. It has 5,000km of coastline yet minimal functioning government. Your Y.CO Charter Specialist can arrange the necessary permits, pilots and security for a Papuan voyage. The 900 Solomon Islands offer another example. Here islanders will escort you to bird sanctuaries in dugout canoes.


Why We Love the South Pacific & Australasia

Unmissable Events

As over 40 nations share the Pacific Ocean there’s so much going on. Time your visit alongside humpback migrations in Tonga. Regattas in New Zealand. Bodyboarding championships in Tahiti. Firewalking festivals in Fiji. Real life is something you won’t want to miss.

Sandy & Serene Destinations

Like Fiji. Where you will zipline over waterfalls before kayaking to a deserted beach. And French Polynesia. Where you can laze on heavenly islands like Moorea and Bora Bora and paint like Henri Matisse.