French Polynesia. Marquesas Islands. A Lost Land of Mysticism

Nuku Hiva to Nuku Hiva Marqueasas. Vibrant underwater caverns. Discover untouched islands. Your chance to escape to another world.

Atmospheric Archipelago

Explore waterfalls that cascade down volcanic cliff faces. Meet fascinating people and learn their culture. Take in incredible views.

Nuku Hiva


Start your charter in Nuku Hiva, the main island of the archipelago. The 1.5 hour journey by 4WD from the airport to the yacht offers spectacular views. Once settled onboard, take a snorkelling trip or a refreshing dive in Tahiohae to encounter manta rays.

Ua Huka


The most unusual of the north Marquesas Islands, Ua Huka offers beautiful views atop its hills. Home to wild horses and thousands of sea birds, it’s also great for diving. Dive around uninhabited the islets of Teuaua and Hemeni for spectacular encounters with manta rays, turtles and sharks.

Hiva Oa


One of the most charismatic islands of the archipelago, Hiva Oa caught the eye of French painter Paul Gauguin, who fell in love with it in the late 19th century. Visit Gauguin’s grave in Atuona village and pre-colonial sites featuring original petroglyphs and large ancient Tiki statues. Dive around the northern point of Tahuata Island, south of Hiva Oa. Swim along endless seawalls to encounter thrilling pelagic life.

Ua Pou


The island has remained a great source of inspiration for native Marquesan artists. It is a very good location to see their work and discover the various symbols of Polynesian tattoos. For the most adventurous, the island can be hiked for a day or toured on a 4WD ride, discovering lush valleys and sharp mountains. Take part in the local “birds’ dance” while around the village.

Nuku Hiva Marqueasas


Drop anchor in Hakatea bay, south of the island. This is one of the most scenic anchorages in the Marquesas. Go on a hike to the waterfalls, and take a snorkelling safari with hundreds of melon-headed whales. Refreshed and relaxed, fly back from Nuku Hiva to Tahiti International Airport.