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Welcome to Fiji, a tropical paradise in the South Pacific with crystal-clear waters, vibrant coral reefs, and some of the best surfing in the world. Yacht charter in Fiji is a dream come true, offering unparalleled opportunities to explore the country's stunning coastline and discover hidden gems inaccessible by land. Set sail and experience the magic of Fiji for yourself.

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Your Guide to Fiji

The End of the Earth

Your Guide to Fiji

Beyond Blue Waters

A yacht charter in Fiji is a chance to explore the road less travelled. Explore the coral walls and white sandy beaches inside the fringing reef of Viti Levu by Seabob. Surf world-famous wave formations including ‘Cloudbreak’. Stand on a coral sand cay at Waya Island. Stop your Fiji yacht charter in Musket cove for sunset cocktails. Dive down sea walls to make contact with friendly reef sharks, turtles, huge manta rays and tropical fish in every shade.



Cruise your boat up to the unique ‘blue lagoon’ in Fiji’s Yasawa islands, sailing past soaring volcanic summits. Taste exotic fruits, coconuts and fresh seafood. Ride the luxury water toys or enjoy complete calm. Surf. Snorkel. Dive. Work on your fitness and wellbeing with a sunrise paddleboard led by your yacht’s expert crew, tour orchid gardens, relax in hot springs or explore local villages. A yacht charter in Fiji means spending every minute of every day in bliss.

Your Guide to Fiji

Rugged Rainforest. Volcanic Islands.

The lush yet mountainous landscape of the Fiji islands is otherworldly - one of the greatest trekking spots in the South Pacific and Australasia. A Fiji yacht charter allows you to hike every type of terrain. In idyllic Yasawa, climb to lofty peaks or explore your wild side in the jungle. Spot exotic birds and colourful flowers in the dense Waisali rainforest reserve. Walk up to the alluring Bouma Falls in Taveuni to find a sense of deep peace.