Dense pine forests. Colourful suburbs. Golden beaches. Jagged mountains. Rolling hills. Limpid lakes. A luxury yacht charter in Sweden combines history, culture and epic landscapes.

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If you want a quieter destination, experience Malmö, a city which has grown to become one of Sweden’s cultural hubs. Travel towards the north of Sweden with your charter yacht into the bleak Arctic tundra and experience nature’s own light show with the Aurelia Borealis. Cruise deep into the North and you will find the UNESCO-listed Laponian region and the Stora Sjöfallet National Park. Full of mesmerising and beautiful scenery the Laponian region is inhabited by the Sámi people. Thunderous waterfalls. Gigantic glaciers. Alpine Lakes of Padjelanta. Snow Covered Soaring peaks of Sarek. Primeval forests. A wonderfully wild area of Sweden’s effortless stunning wilderness.

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Allemansrätten, the everyman’s right, is a crucial part of Swedish culture and is a constitutional right. It allows public access to public and privately owned land for recreation. This means you have the whole of Sweden to explore, you can go anywhere that your heart desires. In Sweden there're a total of 221,831 islands to be explored by yacht. Especially charming is Sweden’s Bohuslän coast, which is home to over 8,000 islands stretching along 300km of coastline including another UNESCO rock-carving site in Tanumshede, which contains carvings and paintings which date back to the Bronze and Iron Age.

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Go skiing in Åre, Sälen or Vemdalen. Kick back in Uppsala. Visit Gothenburg's cobblestone lined streets and delve into its relaxed vibe. Kosterhavet National Park, two hours north of Gothenburg, is Sweden’s first marine park and is where you’ll find her only coral reef. The park is home to over 6,000 marine species and is a beautiful set of islands which spans almost 400 square kilometres. Explore everything Sweden has to offer.