Geothermal Springs, Rock & Lava Scapes

Reykjavik to Akureyri, Iceland. An untamed expanse that is teeming with wildlife and geographical phenomena. Thundering waterfalls, captivating scenery.

A Natural Phenomenon

Iceland is undoubtedly a destination that will captivate anyone lucky to visit at the most visceral level. To visit is to experience it through all of your senses and to do so by superyacht adds another dimension still to what is already a spellbinding adventure. We dare you read the following example Iceland cruise itinerary for a superyacht charter and not feel tempted.



Arrive into Reykjavik to begin your magical Nordic adventure – your Iceland yacht charter. Cosmopolitan, clean and green, Reykjavik is the capital city of Iceland and home to the majority of the country’s population. Small by southern European standards for a capital city, Reykjavik is abuzz with culture, history, and nightlife. Perched on Iceland’s south-west coast it is a hive of activity amongst the untamed wilderness of the region. It is a short transfer from here to embark your waiting superyacht ready to depart for an overnight cruise to the first stop on your Iceland yacht charter itinerary.


Fine-Dining inside Thrihnukagigur Volcano

Encounter an intimate dinner experience in the only Volcano on earth that you can go inside. Expect a white cloth dining experience directly in the Volcano’s magna chamber that you’ll be lowered down to in an open cage elevator.


Snorkelling between Tectonic Plates

Take a plunge into the Silfra fissure, the underwater canyon that is formed by the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates slowly ripping apart. It’s 60m deep and the only place in the world where you can swim in the gap between two continents.

Westmann Islands


Wake up to breath-taking scenery of the Westmann Islands having arrived in the early hours of the morning ahead of a day’s hiking among volcanic sites. Work up an appetite for your first delicious lunch on board as you explore ashore. Then, enjoy some whale watching as you cruise past the island of Surtsey – look out for families of orca and observe their behaviour in their natural habitat. Whale watching in Iceland is simply magical, the combination of the dramatic landscape and the fascinating creatures is a sight to cherish for a long time.



The access an Iceland yacht charter allows to some of the most beautiful scenery is unrivalled. Kayak along the dramatic coastline and witness stunning sea arches up close from a perspective that isn’t possible any other way. Alternatively, get your walking boots on and take a hiking tour ashore to discover Basalt cliffs to immerse yourself among the local Icelandic wildlife in the area. Once back on your charter yacht, enjoy a delicious meal prepared by your personal onboard chef against the best views of the icecap as seen from the sea as the yacht takes an evening cruise.

Flatey Island


Your Iceland charter itinerary continues with more incredible scenery and further opportunity to venture ashore for more Icelandic discovery. Meander leisurely around the Flatey Island in a kayak and observe the indigenous colonies of playful puffins, distinguishable by their brightly coloured beaks and stocky build, that congregate in the area and decorate the landscape. Take a stroll across the characteristically flat land to experience the isolated and awe-inspiring nature of the region with the option of visiting Latrabjarg, a hub for lively birds including puffins, northern gannets, guillemots and razorbills.



As you head north along the west coast of Iceland you’ll notice the peace and majesty of the landscape. Rugged and wild, this part of Iceland has multiple waterfalls that tumble through the scenery creating an enchanting wilderness ripe for exploration, on a hike or in a kayak. One such waterfall is Dynjandifoss Waterfall, which is an awe-inspiring sight that stops you in your tracks. Don’t just stick to land-based flora and fauna though, on your Iceland yacht charter there’s also plenty of opportunity for fishing excursions – see who can reel in the most exciting catch of the day.



Tour the charming Isafjordur town with its quaint wooden houses with corrugated tin roofs that were built by fishermen in the 18th and 19th centuries. The sense of the history of the area is palpable as you look around and the characteristic style of the town is charming. From there we can access Vigur Island which is deemed an Icelandic national treasure and is an important nesting site for puffins and eider ducks. Visit the farm, guided by its Owner, and revel in the isolated beauty of the beloved heritage site before heading back to your charter yacht. Fun fact: Vigur is home to the only windmill in Iceland which is a protected monument and dates back to 1860.



Having travelled overnight, on day 6 of your Iceland cruising itinerary, why not take a helicopter tour for another perspective of the indescribable landscape and see if you can spot any whales from the air. Again, there’s no better whale watching than Iceland whale watching – to see them from the air gives another perspective. Once back down on the ground there are several folk and history museums to visit, but we recommend taking a private tour of the Herring Museum, the largest maritime museum in Iceland, which recreates the golden era of the first half of the 1900s when this was the herring-fishing capital of Iceland.


Four-wheel driving adventure

Experience a four-wheel drive adventure to some of Iceland’s most beautiful – and inaccessible – sites. Driving specially modified 4WD vehicles, led by a polar expedition guide, will put your driving skills to the test over Iceland’s varied terrain.



They say all good things must come to an end. On the last day of your epic Iceland cruise on a superyacht, we head to Akureyri. Make time for one last stunning hike, or a quiet kayak trip directly from your yacht for some final peaceful contemplation of the scenery and to see if there’s any more wildlife to spot that you haven’t yet crossed off the list, before disembarking to head home with a head, and a camera roll, full of once-in-a-lifetime memories. An Iceland yacht charter will leave you feeling energised, inspired and humbled thanks to the magnitude of experiences and sights on offer – it’s unlike anything else.