A Tour For All The Senses

8 days cruising Indonesia's Cendrawasih Bay

Archipelago of Indonesia

A destination of pure luxury and adventure. Get up close and personal with whale sharks, islands with no name, epic dive spots, rainbow reefs, world war II caves, waterfalls and of course the white sandy, palm tree lined beaches of island paradise.



Located only 5km from Rendani International Airport, Manokwari is the ideal destination to begin your charter of the island nation of Indonesia. With an abundance of natural beauty every way you look, this coastal town is surrounded by tropical rainforest and is the capital of the Indonesian province of West Papua. Visit the Arfak mountains and nature reserve to the South for a spectacular hike amongst tropical plants and unspoiled wildlife or for the chance to see an elusive Bird of Paradise. The white sandy beach and calm, shallow water of Doreri Bay make this a fantastic spot to swim and snorkel. Want to explore more? Take a tender to Mansinam, an island with a statue of Christ 30 metres high celebrating where Christianity first arrived in Papua.



Watch a beautiful early morning sunrise on the island of Wairundi, home to white sandy beaches fringed with coconut palms. Cendrawasih Bay National Park brings you unspoiled reefs rich in rainbow corals and magnificent marine life offering an impressive snorkeling experience, with the chance to see a pygmy seahorse or a curious pod of dolphins. From Wairundi, sail south to a group of small islands that are a haven for green turtles. The diving here is out of this world.



At the southern most part of the Cendrawasih Bay is the village of Kwatisore, known as the whale shark capital of the world. It is here the renowned creatures gather and where you have the once in a life time opportunity to dive with these gentle giants. Appearing on mass, they tend to linger at the surface feeding on the small fish in the nets on the floating bagans, the villager's fishing platforms. It is thought to bring good luck to the fisherman when these magnificent whale sharks pay their platform a visit. “Kwatisore” is a local word for “afternoon mist” as it is known to majestically descend over the hill tops as you trek though the jaw-dropping landscape.



Tridacna, also a name for a large saltwater clam, is in the very middle of the picturesque Cendrawasih Bay. There are only a handful of islands in this atoll in West Papua, each offering sensational beaches surrounded by pristine shallow reefs. After a morning of water sports or a dive into the deep blue, sit back and relax on the sand in paradise.

Din's Haven


In the largest archipelago in the world, visit an island that officially has no name just east of Pulau Num. Whether you want to soak up in the sun on the sand, snorkel, dive or just splash about in the water, Din’s Haven is definitely worth a visit. Arrive with excitement and leave with a whole new level of relaxation.



One of West Papua’s larger and more popular islands, on Biak you can explore caves, stumble upon waterfalls, and visit a bird park in the wilderness. This small island in the north of Cendrawasih Bay is engulfed by white sand beaches and a wonderful place to swim in the shallow reefs. Steeped in history, Biak was once a strategic airfield for the Japanese and a fierce battle ground during World War II.