The Land Before Time

Sangeang Volcano to Sebayur. Discover Indonesia, meet the beguiling local tribes and discover another way of life.

The Lure Of The Path Less Travelled.

Volcanic lakes, mystical rarely chartered waters and tiny uninhabited islands - welcome to Indonesia. those who venture this far are rewarded by stunning scenes, above the water and below. meet the beguiling local tribes and discover another way of life.

Sangeang Volcano


A twin-peaked active volcano almost 2,000 metres high, Sangeang is a truly awe inspiring site. Take a unique snorkelling experience over reefs bubbling with geothermal activity set on volcanic black sand. Trek the beaches or wander the foothills of the volcano - beware of hot sand patches of hidden lava beneath. Sangeang is still very much active, with the last eruption in 2014.

Batu Moncho


Batu Moncho is the extreme north-west point of Komodo Island. Look for many different moray eels, nudibranchs, squat lobsters, lionfish and puffer fish as you snorkel in the shallow section of Coral Garden.
Take a relaxing stroll on the beach or, for something more challenging, hike to the top of the ridge. Observe stag and deer as well as sea eagles and brahminy kites along the ridges high up on the hills on the way up. You’ll find great views at the summit, particularly to Sangeang Island to the west and Komodo National Park in the east.

Gili Banta


Gili Banta, the large island at the top of the sape strait, separates the island of Komodo from the much bigger landmass of Sumbawa. Its beaches and hills are deserted, with easy sandy access for tenders. The dive sites of k2 and rollercoaster are filled with coral reefs. Look out too for star gazers, coral cat shark and pelagic fish.

Lehoksera & Langkoi


In Langkoi, diving and snorkel with manta rays around the rocks at Manta Alley in pretty Langkoi bay. Then head to nearby Lehoksera to walk on incredible black sand beaches, observe deer and komodo dragons in their natural habitat or hike up onto the ridge facing the Savu Sea.

Komodo National Park


Tiny Komodo Island is home to yet another awesome beast: the Komodo dragon. These three-metre-long lizards attract a steady flow of eco-tourists. Your onboard guide can lead a private wildlife safari ashore. Offshore, the waters around Komodo are reckoned to offer some of the world’s best diving, with huge schools of fusilier fish, sharks and eagle rays. Back onboard, discover more about these islands and their denizens with a private briefing and video presentation by a guest lecturer from the Komodo National Park research centre.

In this island chain in the Sea of Timor, the nearest luxuries on land are in either Bali or Australia. But well-provisioned seagoers are privileged to enjoy these untouched islands with a library, Jacuzzi and cold beers close at hand. Along the way, your vessel will call at ports where fleets of quaintly old-fashioned outrigger fishing boats moor alongside traditional trading schooners. Little has changed since Conrad’s day.



Trekking, snorkelling, beachcombing –welcome to Padar Island. Take a tender to explore the fascinating rock formations around the Rocky coastline, inlets and neighbouring islets. Take an easy trek up over a small ridge on the main island - the tender can collect you on the other side. Padar Island features pink sand beaches – head to the West of the island to take in amazing sunset panoramas. ‘W’ reef is the island’s signature dive site, a collection of three large coral-covered sea mounts.

The Linta Strait


The Linta Strait is the main waterway separating Komodo from the islands of Padar, Rinca and the much larger Flores. This current swept thoroughfare is dotted with rocky outcrops and islets, and makes for amazing snorkelling and diving. At the eastern edge of the strait is another area where manta rays like to congregate to feed and be cleaned, when They are around snorkelling with them is a Memorable experience. Dives: batu bolong. This is a challenging Pinnacle dive that breaks the surface in the iddle of the strait. An amazing dive and One of komodo’s best.

Gili Lawa Laut


Gili Lawa Laut and its close neighbour Gili Lawa Darat, off the north east corner of Komodo, play host to some of the area’s best hiking country. Tracks up onto the hills that give stunning views out and over the park. The islands have wonderful beaches where the snorkelling is calm, clear and colourful. Dive at shotgun, crystal rock and castle rock.



A perfect sunset spot and great for diving. In Sebayur, discover walls of alcyonaria, schools of fusiliers and surgeon fish, sharks, trevallies, sea eagles and mantas. Swim among a colony of garden eels and along sea walls covered by gorgonians, crinoids and sponges. Encounter nudibranches, crocodile fishes, groopers lobsters and trigoni maculate. End your journey with a relaxing cruise back to Komodo where you can disembark the yacht.