Jonathan Zwaans

Yacht Sales | Monaco

'international approach to life'


My Story

Boats and boating have always been my raison d'etre. I always knew my dream job would be sea-related and if I weren't a broker I'd most likely be a yachtspotter! I'm Dutch but I grew up in Monaco so the sea and yachts here have been a part of my life since I can remember, as has an international approach to life. 

My Passion

I grew up speaking Dutch, Swedish and French as native languages and picked up English and some basic German along the way. All of these come in very useful working with clients around the world.  Before becoming a broker, I had the chance to spend a summer as skipper onboard a 57' 1938 ketch, which was an amazing experience, as sailing is definitely my favourite sport. At the weekend you're most likely to find me on the water.

My Favourite Place

17°53'45"N 62°49'39"W