Charlie Birkett

Co-Founder & CEO | Monaco

'Live Life In Yellow'


My Story

My time on board yachts definitely felt like more of an education to me than all my years at school. I always loved spending time on the water and dreamt of being a professional sailor or a yacht designer since I was 5 years old.

It turns out my skills on the water were better than my design skills so after my first job as a sail maker, seeking a position as crew was the next logical step. Today I am still mad about the sea and sailing and am trying to instill that love in my two boys. They seem more into cars than boats for now, but if they grow to be like me they will learn to love both.

My Passion

Gary and I have worked as a team for over 25 years and with Holly (Managing Director) and James (Financial Director) we run every element of Y.CO together. Gary and I also share a passion for classic car racing so at weekends you'll often see us taking on racetracks…it’s debatable who is faster!

I am supported by Sophie, a longtime friend and amazing Executive Assistant… if you can't find me, Sophie will know where I am.

I enjoy living here in Monaco enormously, the outdoor lifestyle here suits us as a family. There are few places in the world where you can be skiing in the morning and sitting on a beach in the afternoon. When time allows, I am not afraid to admit that I don’t want to grow out of my passion for mixing music…. although as a DJ the crowd is much smaller these days!

My philosophy: Work hard, play hard. Keeping a good balance in life and having interests that spread across the different seasons is important. Sailing in the summer and skiing in the winter is what I live for.


I am incredibly proud of what we have created at Y.CO. A globally renowned brand, recognised and trusted by some of the most important people in the world. A dynamic, experienced team of people who love and live yachting, working with the genuine camaraderie and spirit found on the most successful superyacht crews.

As we navigate ourselves through our 20th year in business at Y.CO, I’m excited about taking brand yellow and our vision into new parts of the world, helping new people discover yachting, and finding more innovative ways to enhance the superyacht experience.

My Favourite Place

12°52'50"N 61°11'17"W