Gary Wright

Co-Founder & Chairman | Monaco

'Live Life To The Max'


My Story

After a very interesting and wide-ranging career on yachts, my interests these days are a bit more land based. I am passionate about historic cars - restoration, ownership and most of all, driving. I look back on my years living, travelling and sailing aboard some of the world’s finest yachts with pride and a great deal of fondness and I would certainly say my experiences of travel, living and interacting with large but often tightly knit crews have shaped the way I live my life now. That team spirit – the total reliance on your colleagues and your friends aboard a yacht, or in an America's Cup team is something that I feel extremely lucky to have experienced and it is something Charlie and I strive to introduce each and every day at Y.CO.

My Passion

The roads close to Monaco afford the very best driving experience for any car enthusiast, and little excuse is needed to take to one of the winding mountain roads close by. Both Charlie and I drive at various race meetings at racetracks like Goodwood, Spa, Silverstone whenever we get the chance. Otherwise, any spare time is spent with my family. We live in Monaco, and I couldn't think of a better place for children to grow up - with lots of surrounding countryside all along the Cote D'Azur and a climate that means they can be outdoors pretty much all year round. It’s a priority to me to enjoy the weekends, and road cycling plays a big part. Where we live the roads are famous, and often pop up on the Tour de France. During the winter we will try to do one of the challenging (and occasionally extreme) walks that this area is renowned for, and the summer we have the Cote D’ Azur and all it has to offer close by.

My Ideal Yacht

If I were to take my family on any yacht I would choose to explore the seas around Tierra del Fuego onboard an Exploration Yacht capable of being in the most extreme areas of the world such as Legend or the yacht formerly known as Lone Ranger. This vessel has an incredible story. She has been a tug boat, a superyacht, and a scientific research vessel. Following in the footsteps of visionary yachting pioneers Onassis, Niarchos and Agnelli, Jack Setton created a ground-breaking exploration yacht in the truest sense. For me vessels such as Legend and Lone Ranger are proof that the best things aren’t always the shiniest. Resilient, safe and stable – they are the ideal vessels for family and friends to explore all that the world’s oceans have to offer.

My Favourite Place

17°0'32"N 61°45'43"W