Toby Nott Bower

Yacht Sales | Monaco

My Story

Hailing from the Southwest of England, one of my earliest memories is sailing with my father across to the Channel Islands on a sunny weekend. Since then, I have become a qualified yachtsman and been hooked to all sports which involve the sea whilst travelling the world to pursue this. Whether it’s sailing, surfing, or skiing, I am often looking for the next adventure.

My Passion

After leaving Uni, a friend and I decided to kayak across Europe following the route of the River Danube. Without much preparation, we completed this epic adventure after spending 55 days on the river. I then moved to London for 4 years working in corporate sponsorship sales before taking some advice to match my sales ability to something I am passionate about. Joining Y.CO was the perfect answer! My greatest satisfaction is seeing a new client’s excitement when presented with the opportunities yachting can offer them and delivering beyond these expectations.

My Favourite Place