High Octane Iceland

Discover Iceland by Four-Wheel Drive


To inject a little adrenaline into your Iceland Yacht Charter, our Y.CO Charter Specialists can arrange a four-wheel drive adventure to some of Iceland’s most beautiful – and inaccessible – sites. Driving specially modified 4WD vehicles – the same that were used to drive to the North Pole in the BBC show Top Gear - and led by a polar expedition guide who has led an expedition to the South Pole in similar vehicles, you will put your driving skills to the test over Iceland’s varied terrain.

Thrilling Discoveries

You can expect thrilling ascents into the mountains, passing steam clouds curling up from the ground, glacial rivers and dormant volcanoes. Stops will be arranged along the route in some remote and breathtaking locations, with opportunities to view tumbling waterfalls and bathe in hot springs. For those in need of more speed, the trucks can be driven to one of Iceland’s Glaciers where they can be swapped for snowmobiles. As you glide across sloping fields of powder and jutting ice valleys, you will feel awed by the grandeur of your environment – a vista of pure and infinite white.

Glacial Beauty

Depending on your requirements, our Y.CO Charter Specialists can extend your tour over several days, so that the experience becomes an add-on to the beginning or end of your Iceland Yacht Charter. All the logistics can be taken care of by our team, with accommodation provided in a luxury highland lodge and a local chef flown in to provide first-class cuisine. Contact the Y.CO Charter Team to find out more.