Dinner In The Centre Of The Earth

Fine-Dining inside Thrihnukagigur Volcano

Inside The Volcano

If you’ve ever read Jules Vernes’ Journey to the Centre of the Earth, you could be forgiven for thinking that all volcanoes can be entered, but this is not the case. While most dormant volcanoes are plugged up or capped with a caldera, there is just one Volcano on earth that you can go inside, let alone dine in, and it’s in Iceland. This adventure starts with a journey – by helicopter, to Iceland’s Blue Mountains, a craggy expanse of lava fields and volcanoes that is punctured by peaks rising up through the mist. As you glide over the rugged, isolated landscape, you will approach Thrihnukagigur or “Three Peaks Crater,” your doorway to the earth’s centre.

Awe-inspiring Yet Intimate

To access the Volcano’s magna chamber, you’ll be lowered down into the 4000—year-old bottle shaped dome in an open cage elevator. As you descend the 200 metres down to the floor of the chamber, you’ll be awed by its rough walls in various hues of maroon and ochre, sometimes just centimetres from the side of the elevator. Even though the chamber is big enough to stand the statue of liberty inside it, it provides a surprisingly intimate dinner experience, with the bottom of the cavern feeling enclosed. You’ll be no less awed by the dinner set-up either; expect a white cloth dining experience complete with crystal glasswear and food prepared for you and your guests by one of Iceland’s most renowned chefs.

This experience can be arranged by the Y.CO Yacht Charter Team as an addition to any Iceland Yacht Charter. Contact the team to find out more.