Iridescent Waters and White-Sand Beaches

The Tropical Temptress

Tortola, the biggest of the British Virgin Islands, is unreasonably beautiful. Like a siren, it has lured sailors in for centuries. There are Persian-blue waters in sheltered harbours. There are crescents of soft, chiffon-coloured sand fringing hillsides dotted with the bright, beautiful bougainvilleas. Elsewhere, surfer’s delight in Apple Bay’s consistent swells and then there are the parties. Full-moon fiestas. Fire-jugglers. Unforgettable live music. No wonder the superyachts always stop here.

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Reasons to Visit Tortola

Find Your Own Rhythm

Tortola lets you find your own tempo. Saunter through Road Town, the capital of brightly painted shops and bustling Caribbean crafts. Unwind at the East End, where artsy communities meet waterfront restaurants selling Anegada conch fritters. Your Y.CO crew can whisk you to the coves south of Cane Garden Bay. Or simply soak it all in with a drink at the Callwood Rum Distillery, the oldest in the Eastern Caribbean.

Cane Garden Bay

If there’s a stretch of sand more dazzling than Cane Garden Bay, we haven't found it. Soft, pillowy sands. Impossibly blue water. Beach bars bouncing with big tunes. Moor your Y.CO yacht offshore in the morning and get out the toys: kayaks, jet skis, stand-up paddleboards. Then, when the sun disappears, head ashore for freshly-fried fish, first-rate reggae and the finest rum cocktails in the Caribbean. This is why sailors choose Tortola.

Fireball Full Moon Party

When the lunar phases align, have your Y.CO yacht dock at Tortola. Full moons here bathe the island in a white, celestial glow. Parties spring up at every bar and every bay. Sublime steel drum rhythms. Calypso music. Rums to put hairs on your chest. Our fave? Aragorn’s Studio's Fireball Full Moon Party where a giant metal sculpture is ceremonially torched at midnight. Do not miss it.


Surf Josiah’s Bay

Untouched and unblemished, Josiah’s Bay is Tortola’s best surf spot. Hidden along the north shore, your charter crew can get you here for what the BVI do best – they surprise you. They lure you in. Whether you're bodyboarding or used to getting barrelled by bombs, this crescent of super-soft shoreline has an excellent point break for waves. Your crew can even sort lessons – should you need them.