Necker Island

A billionaire's bohemia. Richard Branson’s Necker Island is Bali via the Bahamas. Striking white beaches. Stunning barrier reefs. And all blissed out with Eastern serenity.

An Exclusive Utopia

Arguably one of the most celebrated atolls in the world, Richard Branson’s private island is a ritzy private playground for the privileged. A zephyr nudge north of Virgin Gorda, few places sparkle like this Bali-esque bohemia. Platinum sands. Dollar-bill-green hills. Waters that shimmer like diamonds. Plus, there’s only room for 40 guests – not counting the flamingos, Madagascan lemurs and tortoises. The peace and quiet, though? Priceless.

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Reasons to Visit Necker Island

Paradise Enhanced

Forget your preconceptions. When you moor your Y.CO charter at Main Dock, you enter a whole new realm of regality. Recently refurbished, Necker Island now offers next-level luxury. More in harmony with nature than ever before, you can wander its hiking trails through the hills, see bright-pink flamingos on its salt ponds, play tennis on floodlit courts, swim in fabulous infinity pools. This is 74 acres of tropical beauty that money really can’t buy. Still need convincing? Here are three more reasons to set sail.

Beaches So Beautiful, You’ll Blush

You first see them from across the emerald shallows. Then your Y.CO yacht gets you closer and you catch a glimpse of their white satin sands. The fluttering fringes of their coconut palms. The Necker Island coves make you weak at the knees: halcyon hammocks pinned up between palms on Turtle Beach or the kayaks and kitesurfers keenly cutting across the Main Beach wake. Sublime shoreline wherever you moor.

Prickly Pear Island

Blissful Prickly Pear Island is about being at one with nature. Swim off the pink-coral shores of Vixen Point. Snorkel with marlins and mahi-mahis at Bank Barrier Reef. Kayak between its red mangroves. Or hike from North Beach to The Sandbox, a newly opened bar-restaurant on the southwestern tip, where your Y.CO yacht can dock. Then enjoy an ice-cold BBC cocktail (Bailey's, creme of coconut, pineapple juice) for your efforts.

BVI Art Reef

Wow! What a wreck. For scuba divers, this is the dive that steams up the goggles. Charter your yacht to the site of the Kodiak Queen, deliberately sunk at Virgin Gorda’s Long Bay, near Necker Island. The WWII ship is now a giant piece of art, complete with a huge kraken, designed to help coral flourish. You'll also see darting snapper, small juveniles and dolphins too.