The heart of Polynesian culture

Adventure High And Low

Every day of your Tahiti yacht charter promises opportunity for adventure. Take an undersea cruise to visit shipwrecks, coral reefs and tuna breeding grounds. Learn to sea kayak, take a sunset dip in the bath-like sea or spend the day paddleboarding around the Punaauia lagoon. Dance with Polynesian locals and admire their traditional Tahitian tattoos. Hike through stone tiki sanctuaries and luscious mango groves. Try your hand at barefoot waterskiing. A luxury yacht charter in Tahiti can be the ultimate hedonist escape, an action-packed sailing trip, or anything in between.

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Romance For The Ages

Sail past idyllic overwater bungalows on your Tahiti yacht charter and witness canoes delivering breakfast-in-bed, flowers and even engagement rings to loved-up couples. Step off the boat and indulge in a romantic Tahitian massage, the scent of fragrant monoi oil staying with you long into the evening. Drop anchor to visit one of the many breathtaking waterfalls. Experience the romance French Polynesia is famous for as you watch the sunset from the aft-deck of your luxury yacht charter in Tahiti.

Gastronomic Gold

In the islands of the South Pacific and Australasia: the addictive poisson cru, raw tuna marinated in lime juice and coconut milk. Enjoy pork and chicken cooked to perfection in a traditional underground oven. Have your Tahiti yacht charter crew guide you to the famous street food roulottes, where stalls sizzle in an electric party atmosphere and almost anything is on the menu.