Martinique is peak French-Caribbean. Its vibrant creole culture and superb dining is matched by pristine forests, teeming coral reefs and hidden beaches begging for a yacht to drop by.

The Caribbean’s Creole Capital

Martinique is the Caribbean’s great creole charmer. This spell-binding beauty has what adventurous superyacht sailors demand. A vibrant mash-up of French and African cultures. Fraser's dolphins playing in deep-blue bays. Cernia and parrotfish flitting among psychedelic coral gardens. Then there’s 18th-century Fort-de-France and St-Pierre, full of lip-smacking creole restaurants. And their colourful colonial streets are just the setting for that lazy after-lunch ramble.

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Reasons to Visit Martinique

Bays, Forests and Creole Culture

Martinique’s crinkly coastline is renowned for its secluded bays and beaches. Northward, it’s all misty rainforests, volcanic peaks and chances to spot unique fauna. Add quality French food at restaurants like La Table de Mamy Nounou, and you’ve got the basics of Martinique’s dreamy creole charm. Accessing rough-and-ready forest trails. Nosing through pine-fringed coves. Anchoring near manicured tropical gardens. These are the reasons to charter a Y.CO yacht in Martinique.

Dazzling Jardin De Balata

Why plant an exotic garden on an island groaning with tropical flora? Stroll through the enchanting Jardin de Balata you’ll understand. Planted by a poet around his childhood home, it’s manicured bromeliads, heliconias and other plants are a work of art. Look out for brilliantly-plumed Antillean crested hummingbirds while you drink in the beauty. Leave your Y.CO charter in Fort-de-France and grab a taxi to garden nirvana.

Resplendent Les Anses d’Arlet

Point your Y.CO luxury yacht southeast from Fort-de-France Bay, grab one of Petite Anse’s 34 moorings, and settle into the most memorable corners of the island. Ahead are the distinctive creams and brick-reds of Martiniquan houses. Behind, a 10m-deep biodiverse seabed of extravagant corals hiding grunts, turtles and morays. Landward, each anse (cove) has its own tiny town. Stop at Grande Anse’s Bidjoul for margaritas with sunset vibes.

Hiking Mont Pelée

Challenge yourself with a jungle hike to the summit of Mont Pelée. First, anchor your superyacht off St-Pierre and head for Martinique’s tallest peak – a volcano that last blew in 1902. The climb is challenging, but dramatically beautiful. Three trails cut through forests of vine-strewn bullhorn acacia and Caribbean mahogany. And there are plenty of critters to spot. Look out for anole lizards, Martiniquan tremblers and Antillean fruit bats.