We’ve found perfection! By our maths, there are 365 gleaming cays in these sapphire-blue waters. Expect pristine reefs. Protected atolls. And paradise just as it should be.

A Cay Each Day

Of all the sailing pleasures in the world, gliding through the Exumas on a luxury Y.CO yacht is one of the finest. A dreamy string of 365 islands, this is what the Bahamas are all about. Serene sweeps of sand. Isolated islets. Sapphire waters as still as glass. With 12 months of sunshine, you could pick a new cay for every day of the year – and still never get bored.

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Reasons to Visit Exuma

Reefs, Wrecks and Rays

Pristine reefs, unspoilt coral and snorkelling like nowhere else in the world. With so many opportunities to grab a mask and duck beneath the surface, ask your Y.CO skipper where to stop. The Exumas aren’t without their landmarks too. At Norman’s Cay you can dive the wreckage of a Curtiss C-46 Commando, apparently loaded with the illicit riches of Pablo Escobar's operation on the island. Need more reasons to charter an Exuma yacht? Here are three.

Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park

The daddy among divers. Covering an area larger than the Maldives, the world's first land-and-sea reserve is a pristine fantasy of coral reef, blue holes, bright-white sands and inviting turquoise water. There are only four key spots to position your Y.CO yacht, then it's mask down and into the underwater realms of tranquillity. Expect to meet sea turtles, manta rays, Nassau grouper, spiny lobster and a rare queen conch.

Meet the Major Cay Pigs

The most celebrated residents of the Bahamas (after Rihanna), these swimming pigs are stars in their own right. Living on the uninhabited Big Major Cay, accessible only by boat, the vibrations from your Y.CO luxury yacht is enough to have the porcine population swim out and greet you. To sniff out more from your visit, a snorkel beats a snout, as the surrounding coral reef teems with stingrays and nurse sharks.

Kayak to the Cays

Golden lagoons. Hidden caves. Unexplored caverns. For a different take on the Exumas, grab a kayak from your superyacht’s garage and paddle to our favourite atolls. Try Compass Cay, where the high tide creates a natural jacuzzi known as Rachel's Bubble Bath. Or Shroud Cay, where a tidal inlet forms a The Waterslide lazy lagoon. Really want to push the boat out? Kayak to Warderick Wells and camp overnight.