Malabar Cay

Remote. Untouched. Pristine.

The Ultimate Retreat

Pure tranquility. Blue as far as the eye can see. The sound of water as it laps against the yacht. The light of the sun permeating the crystal water. A Caribbean corner of paradise at the western edge of Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park. A blissfully unspoilt marine environment awaits discovery beneath your Malabar Cay yacht charter.

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Your Guide to Malabar Cay

Into The Blue

The closest to a castaway experience you can have without being shipwrecked. Marine life thrives. Enjoy incredible snorkelling and diving. Colourful coral reefs teem with life. In this protected area of outstanding beauty, even the fish are unthreatened. Pausing in Malabar Cay is part of an unforgettable Bahamas yacht charter.