Svalbard - Welcome to the Wilderness

Krossfjorden to Longyearbyen. Embark on a 7-day yacht charter in Svalbard's magnificent surroundings on board Legend. This is a once-in-a-lifetime journey, that creates memories to last a lifetime.

Welcome to the Wilderness

Embark on a once-in-a-lifetime journey of discovery through the Arctic wilderness of Svalbard aboard Legend. Marvel at incredible wildlife sightings, such as seals, reindeer, arctic foxes and polar bears - all while being guided by experienced expedition leaders who will teach you about its history and culture. The itinerary is intentionally left flexible, allowing every opportunity to take advantage of prevailing ice and weather conditions for maximal enjoyment of the Arctic landscape.



Embark on a journey ashore this morning to Signehamna and explore the secrets of a German WWII weather station. As your guides unearth its history, you'll learn about how vital it was in determining the outcome of the war. Then, cruise up the impressive fjord towards Lilliehööbreen - an immense tidewater glacier. Put on your warmest clothes for zodiac rides alongside glacial faces where wildlife abounds at these spectacular saltwater-freshwater margins. If the weather holds, slip into your drysuit and prepare to explore Cadiopynten's wall. From the deck of Legend, look out for beluga whales as the sun sets.



Visitors to the far northwestern corner of Svalbard have the chance to spot polar bears that are stranded on land during this fleeting summer season. It is one of nature's most remarkable and unforgettable sights. You may be able to spot them from on deck, before heading out, armed with cameras, on Legend's zodiacs to capture the perfect shot. Later, as you cruise northeast around Moffen Island, stand out on deck to witness its enormous congregation of walrus.



The eastern side of Svalbard offers a vastly different landscape. No longer does the warmth from the Gulf Stream reach this area, and no upwelling of nutrients. The stark landscape of sloping bare rock reveals ancient geology in full view. In the morning, take a zodiac out and admire nature's artwork as vertical dolerite spires house hundreds of thousands of seabirds who nest atop them. Later, explore beneath the waves by diving off submarine cliffs, and observe how plant and animal life flourishes in even the most barren of environments, thanks to nutrient cycling

Southern Hinlopen Strait


Nordaustlandet's expansive ice cap one of the largest in the Arctic, second only to the Greenland Ice Sheet in size. The entire archipelago here experiences the unstoppable force of Mother Nature, as each day brings with it a new wave of freezing and thawing temperatures that wear away at every rock on VonOtterøya. The ebb and flow of ice has left its mark; every boulder here is cracked and broken along thousands of microscopic fissures from each passing freeze-thaw cycle. Uncover an astonishing selection of fossils entombed in these slices of Troll Bread, brought to the surface after centuries locked away by glacial erosion. In the afternoon, cast your gaze across colossal tabular bergs that have drifted off from the ice sheet or observe their birthplace at Bråsvellbreen glacier.



This morning, prepare to go ashore on Kapp Lee and witness a wonderful spectacle of walruses hauled out on the beach. If you're stealthy enough, you may catch more than just a whiff of these tusked behemoths. Polar bears often visit Freemansundet as they continue their ceaseless search for prey; though they pose no threat to adult walrus, the young ones are certainly vulnerable. Chances are that you will see some bears lurking around a herd in anticipation of snatching their reward!



After almost circumnavigating the island of Spitsburgen, we find ourselves in the picturesque fjord of Hornsund. This 30km-long waterway is a verdant contrast to the barren landscape of the archipelago's eastern side. The geological makeup of Hornsund varies along its course, ranging from Precambrain strata in the west to Upper Mesozoic deposits on its east end and is perpendicular to the other regional fractures of the island. Explore the fascinating, dynamic coastline of Hornsund and take in its majestic glacial valleys. Keep an eye out for whales that swim through the icy waters of this stunning fjord. If conditions permit, make use of Legend's kayaks to traverse the breathtaking Arctic landscape in total silence.



This morning, make your way back to Longyearbyen, Svalbard's connection with the rest of the world. Explore its busy downtown area and visit one of its many museums or shops. Before you depart for the airport, we can arrange a number of activities on your behalf, from visiting one of the historic coalmines or a summer dogsledding excursion.