Lesser Antilles

An intriguing maze of cultures and habitats

There’s a Perfect Island for Everyone

Lesser? There’s nothing inferior about the eastern curve of The Antilles. While big-hitting islands such as Jamaica and Cuba dominate the Greater Antilles, the Lesser is all about post-stamp-sized stunners such as St Lucia, Martinique, St Croix and Barbados. There are so many lovely islands to drop anchor at that a Y.CO yacht charters becomes your essential partner in exploration.

Your Guide to the Lesser Antilles

Island-Hopping on the Caribbean Rim

If you crave variety, sail the Lesser Antilles. Mostly volcanic, they come in all shapes and sizes, with cultural roots of equal variety. Martinique, an overseas department of France, is best for a decent baguette. Nearby St Lucia – pinched from the French by the British in 1814 – adds cricket to the mix. You’ll thank your Y.CO luxury charter for steering you through this intriguing maze of cultures and habitats. Here are three of our favourite stops.