Blissful cruising awaits on an Antigua yacht charter

The Sailing Capital of the Caribbean

This is it. The epicentre of Caribbean yachting. You haven't truly sailed until you've weighed anchor in Antigua. With 365 curls of golden-white sand, 240km of coral reefs and a maritime heritage that traces back to Columbus, this is where sea captains hide out each winter. The brilliant sunshine. The diamond-clear waters. The pods of dolphins. Paradise. And your luxury Y.CO yacht charter takes you right to its heart.

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Reasons to Visit Antigua

Paradise. At Your Own Pace.

Chartering a yacht in Antigua affords you the ultimate indulgence: exploring Eden at your own canter. So whether that’s sun salutations from the boat deck or seeking out untouched coves on a seabob, the Y.CO crew can take you to where the crowds aren’t. Unless, of course, throngs are your thing. Then rum-fuelled regattas, rainforest zip-wires and scuba dives on the dazzling Cades Reef are all on offer too. Here are our reasons why Antigua should be top of your list for a Caribbean yacht charter.

Shirley Heights Sunday Barbecue

Antigua is home to the best parties east of Jamaica. Seriously. The Shirley Heights Sunday Barbecue is the stuff of legend: a steel band playing a former military lookout with cocktails with enough rum to sink an atoll. And the views? Antigua’s best. Marmalade-and-apricot sunsets slipping behind the English Harbour. Your ritzy Y.CO yacht bobbing in the bay in the distance.

Rendezvous Bay

Let’s settle this. The world’s best beach? Right here in Antigua. Accessible only by 90-minute horse trek, Rendezvous Bay is your every Robinson Crusoe fantasy. It’s rare to see another soul on this stunning crescent of soft, golden sand. The odd hummingbird, maybe. Hawks and egrets too. But position your Y.CO yacht offshore and it’ll just be you and the slow swoosh of the Caribbean Sea.

Pillars of Hercules

To the very south of the island, guarding the entry to Freeman’s Bay are the spectacular Pillars of Hercules. Vast geological rock formations that resemble multi-coloured hourglasses, they’ve been naturally sculpted by the wind and waves. Best admired from your luxury Y.CO charter, of course. The diving is great here too. Dunk down between the bright coral and you'll see reef sharks, barracuda and snappers darting through the passages.