Pearl of the Pacific

Port Denarau to Port Denarau. Take a step back from the hustle and bustle of city life and escape to the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands; white sandy beaches, blue lagoons and luxurious resorts.

Pearl of the Pacific

Fiji’s hidden gems are located just off the coast of Viti Levu. Take a step back from the hustle and bustle of city life and escape to the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands; white sandy beaches, blue lagoons and luxurious resorts. Hop from one island to the next and fill your days as you please. Spend your day snorkelling or scuba diving, or venture to the peaks of the mountains between small villages and immerse yourself in the culture of the surroundings. Relax in the tranquil bays before reaching Monuriki Island for your first deep dive with an experienced divemaster or see Manta Rays up close on Naviti Island. This exceptional collection of islands is for everyone. With so many options on offer, you can take your pick for the day’s activities!

Port Denarau Marina


Embark at Fiji’s premier marina, Port Denarau Marina, located only 20 minutes’ drive from Nadi International Airport. The marina is home to an array of supermarkets, pharmacies and a bakery, the ideal spot to pause, plan and prepare for the adventure ahead. Known as the gateway to the West Coast islands, it gives an insight into what more is to come.

Nuku-I-Mana Sand Cay


Dive straight into the adventure just a short 15nm from the Marina. The pristine waters at Nuku-i-Mana Sand Cay offer the chance to swim, snorkel or relax in the clear, warm tropical waters. Feel inspired to venture further? Private learn-to-surf classes can be taken at the nearby surf breaks around Mana Island. Once back on board swap stories of your progress around the dining table over a delicious meal prepared by your onboard chef.

Monuriki Island


Picture Robinson Crusoe and Castaway, with all the adventure and activity but certainly no stress as you will not want to leave this idyllic island. Private beaches with snorkelling reefs on the western end of the island offer a great opportunity to do a first dive. Experienced divemasters can collect you to take you to the best spot on the day. For those who prefer to stay on the water’s surface there is a kaleidoscope of colour to discover, all you need is a mask and a snorkel!

Tokoriki Island Resort


Wake up in ‘relaxed luxury’. Privately owned for over 25 years, Tokoriki Island Resort was recently awarded in Condé Nast Traveler’s Top 15 Resorts in 2021. The fusion of contemporary and Fijian style offers a tropical experience like no other. Gaze into the horizon and watch the sunset with cocktails or star gaze from a hammock after a relaxing spa treatment. Enjoy a real taste of Fiji with South Pacific and Asian-influenced menus prepared by the international chef.

Navadra Island


Be one of the few to step foot on this uninhabited island. Known to the Fijians as the sacred island, it is clear to see why. Relax on the quaint beaches or explore further and snorkel in the crystal-clear waters. The island is split into two, brought together with a beautiful reef and sand bar. Make it back to the meeting point in time to enjoy an evening beach BBQ accompanied by sunset and cocktails Retire to your cabin for a restful sleep to dream of the day’s adventures.

Naviti Island (South)


From May to October, the Southern point of Naviti Island is where the magic comes alive. You will first venture through the scenic channels between the three islands. Select a point of anchorage, with the help of your Captain, and jump on a tender to reach the southernmost point. For the thrill seekers among you, snorkel or dive with Manta Rays who can be spotted daily throughout this period. The docile creatures will amaze you with their grace as they peacefully glide through the water around you.

Naviti Island (North)


From one end of the island to the other, you can explore the cultural side of Naviti Island. Watch a Meke, a traditional Fijian dance, in Somosomo village and enjoy a Lovo feast. The village does nothing by halves; the whole village participates in the preparation of the feast with celebratory dancing to follow. The more the merrier. Once your food has settled, take a stroll along the coastline or for those wanting to explore further, take a short hike through the forest.

Blue Lagoon


Your next stop provides you with views you would see in a movie. The famous Brook Shields movie, Blue Lagoon to be exact. The turquoise water of the Lagoon shimmers as far as the eye can see. The inviting waters offer snorkelling through the passes in the reef, or if you would prefer to stay on land, the neighbouring islands are worth exploring by foot.


Diving at the Blue Lagoon

Looking for more adventure? Your charter specialist will arrange a local divemaster who will be able to point you in the best direction to explore the deep blue.

Sawa-I-Lau Island


This next spot is all about ducking and diving. Spend the day jumping from one beach to another, snorkelling in the shallow passes en route. Present your kava to the village, as per Fijian custom, and visit the incredible chandelier cave formations on the island. Swim through the awe-inspiring caves under patches of sunlight which trickles in from the cracks and crevasses above. A guide will lead you through the secretive entrances to what they call the true ‘heart of the Yasawas’.

Yasawa Island


Venture into paradise and step ashore for an island escapade fit for nature lovers and ocean explorers once you have anchored in Yasawa-I-Rara Bay. 10 kilometres of pristine all-tide beaches are contrasted with the green headlands that span the full length of the island. A relaxed stroll along the coastline at low tide will reveal all sorts of fish and marine life in the corals and pools. Discover the wonders of the island and experience the kind of bliss only an island escape can create.


Yasawa Resort

Your charter specialist can organise a short stay at the Yasawa Resort for a boutique experience. 18 traditionally thatched, beachfront villas are nestled among the palms.

Waya Island


Another day, one last island. The dramatic mountainous island is reminiscent of Moorea in Tahiti and offers a taste of island life. Anchor off the pristine, uninhabited beach on the Western tip of Nacilau Point, the best spot for a beach BBQ, and soak up the rays and views. Do as the locals do and present your kava to the village chief in the traditional Sevusevu ceremony. Before sunset, take a 5km hike up to the highest peak on Waya Island and you’ll be rewarded with spectacular views.
Cruise down the west side of the island, drink in the inimitable views of the landscape from the sun deck, preferably with a refreshing drink in hand.


Kuata Island Bull Shark Dive

Just to the South of Kuata Island is home to one of Yasawas’ most thrilling dive sites. You won’t just see coral reefs down here, bull sharks can be seen every day.

Port Denarau Marina Disembarkation


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