Fiji. An Explorer's Paradise

Taveuni to Port Denarau via the Lau Group. History, culture and nature. Pristine beaches and crystal-blue waters. Volcanos, rainforests and springfed waterfalls.

An Explorer's Paradise

There is nothing ordinary about the collection of islands in Fiji. Each island, reef and bay present a world within a world, steeped in history, culture and nature. The Lau Group islands, starting from Taveuni Island through to Port Denarau Marina offer so much to see and do. You will have the chance to explore some of the most remote islands, with pristine beaches and crystal-blue waters. While further in land, you can hike volcanos and rainforests to seek out springfed waterfalls. This is an archipelago that is guaranteed to entice everyone! This off-the-beaten track sail will take you to some of the deepest dives at Vanua Levu, the largest reefs at Kadavu Island, and the newest resorts at Matangi Island – what’s not to enjoy!

Vanua Levu


This off-the-beaten-track adventure starts from day 1 in Viani Bay, home to a sheltered, quaint village. Dive straight into the deep end with some of the best dives in Fiji on the reefs around Taveuni and in the Somosomo Straight. Take your pick from the Great White Wall, The Zoo or the Rainbow Reef. The Great White Wall offers the chance to dive at a depth that isn't reachable at other sites.

Taveuni Island


It is a must to step ashore when you reach Taveuni, known as the ‘Garden Island of Fiji’, and it’s easy to see why. The Bouma National Heritage Park makes up more than a third of the island. Soak up the rays on the sun deck and admire the island that rises dramatically out of the sea, covered with rich green rainforests contrasting against the crystal blue water. If you’re feeling adventurous, take an hour’s hike on the eastern coast to see the Bouma Waterfalls, a succession of three waterfalls. Your charter specialist can arrange a selection of hikes, varying from beautiful coastal walks to the heights of the waterfalls or through the rainforests.

Kioa Island


Your next stop is a small island just north of Taveuni that encompasses culture, religion, and lifestyle. This blissfully tropical island is home to a village with locals who create some of the best handy crafts. Visitors are also treated to a traditional dance performance.

Rabi Island


An island that offers the ideal opportunity to enjoy the ocean. Stern lines can be tied ashore for you to snorkel off the yacht and discover the wildlife below. The remote bay offers tranquil waters and if you head down the west coast, you can anchor near the village of Nuku. Spend the afternoon enjoying a traditional dance or head to the Manta Ray feeding station to watch the majestic creatures feeding in the current.

The Ringgold Group


Head to the remote collection of islands for an archipelago escapade. Nestled within Budd Reef, the islands offer all sorts of exploration. Jump into the ocean to visit the dive sites or for those not looking to venture too deep, there is also exceptional snorkelling. Make the most of the toys on board and use a Kayak or SUP to visit Cobia Island which reveals a sunken volcanic crater.

Qamea Island


Wake up in pure bliss to picturesque views of high hills covered by dense vegetation. With the help of your Captain, you can find some well-protected deep-water anchorages on the North Coast for snorkelling and diving. For those who prefer to stay on board, soak up the scenery with a sunset drink on the sun deck.

Matangi Island


You’ll cruise into this beautiful horseshoe bay and be welcomed by pristine beaches, tropical rainforests and volcanic rock faces rising from clear waters. The 240-acre privately owned island is home to the Matangi Island Resort. Your Y.CO charter specialist can arrange a luxury spa afternoon, on the water’s edge, or, if you would prefer, indulge in gourmet Fiji dining served with 270-degree views of the ocean and tropical surroundings.



The adventure continues to one of the remotest islands. Hear the history, about when the chiefs of Lau ruled most of Fiji. Venture into the large cave on Yacata where the bones of Tongan warriors and the remains of a war canoe were hidden after a failed Tongan raid. Spend the evening telling stories, relaying the historic tale of Yacata, while dining al fresco before views of the incomporable natural beauty of the area.

Vanua Balavu


Spend the next three days exploring the Vanua Balavu Isles. The crystal-clear lagoons and limestone islands carved into arches provide the perfect backdrop to an al fresco lunch or for lazy afternoons on deck. If you would prefer to step ashore, the crew can tie up to the trees for you to explore the old plantation. If you still haven’t had your fix of diving by now, the pinnacle dive is known for pelagic species or the Giliagilia Pass is a drift drive.

Oneata Island


The history lessons continue on this low-lying island. The first place in 1830 that missionaries arrived; it is worth the visit ashore. Present your Sevusevu to the Chief of Oneata to visit the village and its cultural surroundings. The captain will lead you to an anchorage through the deep-water pass in the North West, which allows entry into the lagoon which is a magical place for some time in the water.

Yagasa Group


Be among the few to step foot on this uninhabited group of islets. This experience encompasses adventure and exploration and where better than beaches that are rarely visited by people. Better diving or snorkelling will rarely be found than here.

Ogea Levu


Take a break from the exploration and relax in the happy and carefree environment that the people of Ogea embrace. However, if the explorer in you is looking for more, the lagoon is surrounded by magnificent reefs providing a rich fishing ground. Make the most of the toys on board and discuss with your captain the best route to explore the small islets by tender.



Your captain will take you through the pass on the North East side of the outer reef to the lagoon. Make sure you’re in a prime viewing location on board so you can see the surrounding array of Limestone islands and arches of all sizes. The people of Fulaga have taken creative inspiration from their home, as they are known for excellent wood carvings and canoe building. The crystal clear waters are enticing in themselves, but the drift dive in the Fulaga Passage makes it a must. Take the evening to rest and soak up your panoramic views.



The legend goes that when the first chief discovered the island, he called it ‘Totoka’ which translates as beautiful, which is where the island's name derived from. Beautiful by name, beautiful by nature. The captain will sail you through the outer reef in the West round into Totoya Bay to the centre of the horseshoe. Thanks to the protection from all directions, the deep-water anchorage is calm and peaceful. Hop ashore to the Chiefly village of Tovo to present your gift of Kava to the high chief and enjoy the cultural surroundings.

Kadavu Island


An island for explorers seeking blissful isolation. Spend the day swimming through one of the largest barrier reefs that hug Kadavu’s southern border, home to manta rays and coral gardens. If you prefer to stay above the waterline, explore the bays on kayaks. There are hiking trails leading up to dense rainforests and spring-fed waterfalls to discover.

Great Astrolabe Reef


The Great Astrolabe Reef is one of the largest barrier reefs in the world. Whether you’re a snorkelling novice or a deep-sea fisherman, the majestic manta rays and colourful coral reefs will be mesmerising.

Namara Island


Isolated bliss comes to mind. This uninhabited island has pristine beaches that appear untouched by humans. Revel in nature for a BBQ on the beach with a dip in the blue waters to cool off throughout the afternoon.

Buliya Island


Buliya Island offers the chance to snorkel alongside mighty Manta Rays. For the adventurers seeking more than the colourful reefs, your Y.CO charter specialist can arrange a dive or snorkel at Vurolevu Island.

Kokomo Island Resort


Step foot in Fiji’s newest boutique resort where Fijian influences meet modern design. Indulge your senses in their five-star restaurant. If one-of-a-kind is what you’re looking for, your charter specialist and Captain can sort a private picnic or dinner on one of the many locations around the island. Enjoy sunset celebrations or a starlight cruise.

Kavala Bay


After a day of rest and rejuvenation, you'll be ready to get back to exploring. A 45-minute hike up a moderate hillside takes you to a spectacular waterfall. Experience the all-encompassing nature and feel let the fresh water invigorate you.



The Fijian islands boast some of the word's most magnificent reefs. Filled with natural wildlife, the underwater world has colours and exotic species at every turn. Kadavu offers epic dives in the passes and in the surrounding reefs. Take one last glance before returning to port.

Port Denarau Marina


Disembark at Fiji’s premier marina, Port Denarau Marina, located only 20 minutes drive from Nadi International Airport. The marina is home to an array of supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants and an International Golf Course. Ideal for one final spot to discuss the adventures, stories and memories created on this journey's views.